DPS and you - A guide

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Well, lets think this over for a minute. Healers can't keep up any more, DPS can't just move out of the AOE damage area (something I've ALWAYS done as soon as it showed on my monitor) but has to do crowd control as well, thus cutting down on actual work done in their preferred playing mode, I'm having to toss in the occasional heal on myself now, or more often than that, or on the whole bloody group, depending on what we are doing - and I do NOT do healer - is this really worth the trouble? Ok, if not raiding then PVP? But the new PVP zone has been set up so it almost always switches no matter who is playing, defense is nearly impossible. Hmmm. Ok, so questing? More of the same old same old. No wonder Blizz lost 5% of the players in the last quarter, they've tried to redesign a game that "you can play and make progress in over your lunch hour" to "casual players will always be bottom tier playing old content" while keeping essentially the same quest engine they started with. Ahem. This may not be the wisest move from a business standpoint.

A great many of us don't like being second tier, and making things harder is not a solution to experienced players burning through content like a rocket.

It would be possible to create a quest "wizard" along the lines of the MS server wizards for setting up complex things, where you would make your own quest along perhaps 200 preset lines with several hundred possible junction points and joinings, giving a possible tree with branches yielding hundreds or thousands of paths to various leaves. Add in some high class gear as prizes, but set it so you MUST go through certain junction points, a number of them, and they have to add to a certain value or point total or you don't get the prize, and you could make questing interesting again, not just a mechanical slog. It would require returning to the same questgiver repeatedly, but that's easy enough to arrange, just do a godlike TP to them when the quest is finished (a Titan? Horde leader or master Mage?) and then pick ONE of several new points to jump off of - without hints of what the reward will be for choosing that branch. Could be interesting to make say, more points for a paladin if they choose "noble" quests, more for a warrior if they take the "dangerous" quests, more for a warlock if they take "evil" quests, more for a mage if they do "brain bending" quests and so forth, with points adding up towards whatever the goal(s) would be. That would make it much harder for the WOW "advisors" online to crack the quests too, they'd have to play it through over and over with every possible set of characters and take every branch of the tree with each of them, if you did it right. And if I take that any further, Blizz will have to start paying my rates for system design.

I'm reluctant to just walk away from a game I've played for years, but I can't say I like the new content as well as WOTLK. And quite a few of my friends have left for greener pastures.
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You forgot one thing.... Never AoE as a DPS skill...... And another reason that u are not being healed because the tank did not tell the healer to focus on DPS (That is if your tank is a Pally with one mana item) because he can heal himself. Good rule on the communication! XD
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Great guide. Thanks! My only concern is that we DPSers who read this are already doing what we can to max DPS and minimise threat. The players who do the "wrong" thing (like doing massive aoe before the tank has enough/any threat) won't be bothering to read a guide like this. Now this notwithstanding, even in Wrath I was constantly keeping an eye on my threat meter and using /assist on the tank, as well as using cc... however I'm only one of three DPSers in the dungeon, and CCing a mob only to have one or both of the other players ruin that CC immediately after just makes it pointless. Sure I could mark the mob and type that it's to be CC'd, but by that time the fight is over.

What we really need is some kind of in-game guide or tutorial for grouping.

Still, I appreciate that you took the time to write such a nifty "guide". Even if it is preaching to the converted. :)
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10 Undead Warlock
wow this is ridiciolous freaking undead was based on necromancy and they did not even have a class called a necromancer. what the f
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85 Night Elf Hunter
I haven't really been able to play much and so I just got back into the groove. I didn't even hit 80 until cataclysm came out and so I don't have much experience at all with DPS. I just shoot and CC what the tank marks. This guide brought a better understanding of DPS to me. Thank you, I don't feel like as much of a noob =).
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Very true.Make it the message of the day.Or put it in search options when u look up on wowwikki or wowhead.Front page news.
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88 Draenei Shaman

Dear Tank: Don't break my moon early with thunderclap/consecrate/swipe/diseases or I no longer CC 4 U.



Leveled my warlock from 1-60 and fear never broke from damage or debuffs.
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Thank you, this was really helpful!
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62 Undead Hunter
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, they're like buttholes everyone has one! So, in my opinion, this guide was slightly helpful for I am a player who just recently ventured into the dungeoning side of WoW and I freely admit that I am not the best at it, preferring PvE for the longest time. Just because it seems like the only people who read these "help" forums are experienced players, that is simply not the case. True, there a bunch of noobs who just dgaf about the proper ways of conducting themselves in groups, dungeons and raids and those people are what I like to call idiots.

So it was repetitive and pretty much focused on telling DPS players to Crowd control, but thanks to this I now know what CC'ing is and how to better conduct myself while working cohesively with other players.

In closing, stop hating and whining about how it doesnt belong here and all that jazz. Get back to playing the game, ur wasting ur money by ranting about it here. Off I go now, back to the game :)

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How am i supposed to go back to the game when the class i'm playing is no longer enjoyable and i refuse to level up another class!
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I agree with this article 100% because when you go in to an instant you dont know what target
needs to be put down,going in blind is like a house cards pull the wrong one an they all fall, if everyone knows what's has to be done then you finish faster instead of finding fault with that person that is messing up just tell him what he/she not doing right you as the leader should know that.
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Great article i love it
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30 Draenei Shaman
Thank you for the help. I have been searching and searching for anything that will help me in any part of the game. I go in and just play. I feel nervous when in dungeons and groups cause I don't want to upset someone with my lack of proper play while not understanding what proper play is. This has helped in many ways and any other information as basic as possible would be appreciated. I don't have any idea what arcane is and how it affects damage you do and receive. I don't know how to find out what damage a boss will do and how to respond to it. I know we have the dungeon journal but it doesn't cover all dungeons. I usually just go out and attack atack attack. I have noticed that I pull aggro so much more and wasn't sure what I was doing to cause it. Thought the Tank just couldn't tank. I've never had the problem that I was just too good. Please any help as basic as possible will be appreciated.
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06/21/2011 11:40 AMPosted by Luckwarlock
wow this is ridiciolous freaking undead was based on necromancy and they did not even have a class called a necromancer. what the f

play umm guild wars? lol
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100 Human Paladin
well stated info as i normally dps. i dont know the game as well as i should, i dont study it, i just play for fun but i always try to do my part.
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90 Human Warrior
Does that also apply for Dps like me, because i keep hearing even though i have thunderclap i should not use it during raids or any groups because it takes argo away from tank and focuses on me. What do you think i should do?
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I don't know about you guys, but I am voting for EVOLUTE for president this year.
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