unfair frost mage pvp control

85 Undead Mage
RoF could be nerfed. other than that frost control went down due to no winters chill for dispel protection and reliable dispels. imp CoC (which should be changed) is pretty much a more controlled frostbite and shattered barrier duration was nerfed.

so outside of RoF, mage control actually has gone down in group play from WotLK.
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100 Undead Warlock
The problem is blizz cant tell when enough is enough and walk away with a job finished.

Look at rogues, they got more cooldowns even though the rogue players didnt want more cooldowns.

Warriors got armor pen (something that was broken and taken out) another gap closer (so they can keep on mages) and a stun (that they can chain with their other stuns).

Mages got more roots and more damage.

Im calling it next xpac, rogues will get a new vanish that shares cd with vanish, warriors will get an armor pen whirlwind, and mages will get frostnovanukebolt, a frostfirearcane spell that deals a large amount of damage, roots the target then when the root breaks it snares the target and refreshes blink cd.
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85 Tauren Druid
I'm sorry, but I'm not seeing how Unholy Death Knights do well against Frost Mages.

All those freeze effects end up rooting the Ghoul to the ground along with the DK, and the Mage has plenty of ways to extend the fight though the Anti-magic Shell and Zone.

What makes Unholy DKs so good in this fight? All of their counters are on very long cooldowns.
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86 Human Death Knight
All of this is a little beside the point when considered next to the fact that "gotten" actually is a word in the English language....


Sorry, but I figured this couldn't possibly derail the thread more than it already is.

Enjoy :)
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90 Worgen Mage
To be completely honest, ring of frost should be a PvE kiting ability only. Frost mages DO NOT need anymore control in pvp. Period.

However, blizzard is usually pretty bad when they nerf pvp which bleeds over into pve. That's when I get pissed. I couldn't care less about pvp, but don't touch my pve utility. Mages are struggling enough in raids as it is.
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