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80 Undead Mage
12/20/2010 10:13 PMPosted by Strawberry

There is such a thing as a bad PUG, and we've all seen them. But if you see them constantly (and I don't mean to be cruel here), you may want to stop trying to assign blame, and consider that the only constant in all of your bad instances is you.

You say this, but have you ever gone into heroic deadmines and tried to get through the gauntlet to the last boss?

I mean, there's bad DPS, terrible DPS, and then there's people who have never played a little game called Mario Bros. I mean, the sound of mario dieing when he touched a fire pole played in my mind every single time somebody walked into those electric poles. Every single time.

I regret not turning on fraps. Seriously, I do. We went through, no joke, 8 people dieing to those. It's like a machine designed to eat bad DPS alive. There were bones everywhere. Even when I stood in the (multiple) safe spots, urging my little DPS to come over to me, they couldn't do it. Boom. Bam. Zap.

I like the implication that "seeing this constantly" is somehow the OP's fault. It would be like saying I'm at fault that DPS can't get past Bowser's castle because I see it a lot. I see it a LOT. And it's hilarious.
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12/20/2010 9:49 PMPosted by Nelinrah
In my experience it's usually the tank that breaks CC.
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Since Monday, topics that were on the front 2 pages. Try telling the people in your group, because clearly, these kinds of threads aren't getting the job done.
90 Human Priest
I am really starting to get fed up with this elitist crap from healers. Tell you what, how about we just run around and dodge all damage, forget about dealing it. I mean - it's not like we are doing anything useful like DAMAGE or anything.

We just like to stand and take it. We're not actually trying to manage cooldowns and rotations and trying to maximize our throughput because you healers have plenty of mana and the tanks can take infinite damage right?

And then when you die because you did something stupid and I off heal to save the group, I guess I shouldnt do that either huh?

Maybe if you just quit your whining and got into the queues we could all get back to work and progress.
85 Blood Elf Priest
12/20/2010 8:37 PMPosted by Avaskie

instead of growing up and being adults yall dps are acting like morons ....

YOU WOULD THINK you would be MAD at that herpa derp standing in fire dpsing boss and staring at his recount but still doing 4k dps making dps as a whole look bad!?!?

Sure tanks and healers have their moments but, honestly there is a lot more dps out there and for the most part you cant down a boss with a bad tank or healer u can with a bad dps if the other 2 dps in the group are good pulling good numbers and staying out of bad.

Healers are fine healing you through unavoidable dmg. Siamat is loleasy.... if people stay a bit spread out and dont stand in the swirly green and white of death but owait most people do so......

What the OP is doing is the internet equivalent of going into a senior level college class and screaming to the students at the top of your lungs to stop selling drugs, drinking so much, driving recklessly, @!%**% women, etc.
85 Worgen Death Knight
The OP is right..lots and lots of terible DPS who have no clue how to play in a CC enviroment. They are used to mindlessly AOE dps to which they thought they are uber gods.
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