Aegwynn Progression Thread

I'm not renewing my subscription, so if anything significant needs to happen to this thread someone will need to re-create the thread.

Hello all and welcome to Aegwynn Progression Thread!

Please refer to this link for guild progression:

I will not be creating a format to constantly update what each guild has currently killed. For that you must view the wowprogress link posted above.

What this thread is for:
    Posting when your guild downs a new boss.
    Congratulating another guild on when they down a boss.
    Posting your guilds website and indication if your guild is/is not recruiting so I can indicate as such.

What this thread is not for:
    Trying to recruit for your guild - for that make another thread or add it to your post when you down a boss.
    Trolling or being a general nuisance.
    Asking for strategies on how a boss was killed. For that ask a member ingame or create another thread.

Thanks and have blacking good time.®ay
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Aegwynn Guild Websites

Guilds that are recruiting are posted in italics. Please post to indicate to me if your guild is/is not recruiting. I will not continuously update what your guild is recruiting, just if your guild is recruiting or not.


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85 Gnome Death Knight

Omnotron 12/12/10
Halfus 12/14/10
Valonia/Theralion 12/15/10
Magmaw 12/16/10
Ascendant Council 12/20/10
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85 Troll Druid
Omnitron - 12/15/10
Magmaw - 12/20/10
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85 Orc Hunter
Reported for sticky!

Congrats Terrible Terrible Damage and Reforged on getting in there and downing some bosses.
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90 Undead Priest
Is this thread even needed with wowprogess?

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12/21/2010 11:58 AMPosted by Modified
Is this thread even needed with wowprogess?


If you kept up to date with the last thread in which this was discussed, the idea of this thread was raised.

That is that it does not get constantly updated, rather provides a link to wowprogress and lets regular forum users view this thread to see when guilds recently down new bosses by viewing when a new post is made.

I wouldn't mind a thread that was bumped by updates of guilds that have downed progression bosses. There doesn't have to be a current update on the OP but just something that we could skip to the end and see who downed what during that week. I personally, like to come here first before checking the other progression sites because they usually take a day or 2 to update.

Basically, its how the old thread worked minus the consistent maintanence on the first page.
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85 Orc Hunter
Reboot downs Conclave of Wind 12/21/10.

But its kinda bugged that if you die during the encounter (like I did) and still down it then it won't count for you. This is because you remain in combat even after you kill them so no one can rez you and therefore, you have to release. But I did receive the valor points for it.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Rendered Magmaw 12/21

Although a few days after Reforged and TTD, got the achievement Parasite Evening

Would like to thank Hellzuel from HELLHOUNDSRULE for coming with and doing an amazing job
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85 Orc Death Knight
Latest update 1/24


Al'akir----------------------------Jan 20, 2011
Twilight Ascendants----------Jan 16, 2011
Chimaeron----------------------Jan 14, 2011
Atramedes-----------------------Jan 11, 2011
Maloriak---------------------------Jan 7, 2011
Valonia/Theralion--------------Dec 26, 2010
Magmaw--------------------------Dec 21, 2010
Conclave of Wind---------------Dec 21, 2010 Server First
Halfus Wyrmbreaker-----------Dec 19, 2010
Omnotron Defense System--Dec 19, 2010
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Maloriak 12/21/2010

More to come when funcrusher gets his eMachine fixed...
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85 Orc Death Knight

i think thats the right link for our Valiona kill... im bad at forums
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Conclave of Wind - 12/22/2010
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VH + G6 = Atramedes down. Good job all.
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UA downs " The Conclave of Winds" 10 man
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Sticky report please!
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85 Orc Death Knight
Femur the one thing this thread is missing the old one had I found useful was links to the other guilds websites broken down by faction.

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12/28/2010 5:41 AMPosted by Senusret
Femur the one thing this thread is missing the old one had I found useful was links to the other guilds websites broken down by faction.


Also it may be useful to put an indicator next to the guild to show that the particular guild is currently recruiting. I believe that wow progress puts a (r) next to guilds that are actively recruiting.

Just a thought.
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I would say get the (r) added on wowprogress added, I'll add a website section for each guild and indicate which guilds are recruiting, but i'm not going to continuously update with what you are recruiting. For that I would suggest just either add it to your post when you down a new boss or make a thread.
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85 Orc Death Knight
Thanks Femur

We are recruiting
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