Cataclysm did not deliver


WoW is not suddenly a new experience. It is not a whole new world. It is for the most part the same game re-skinned and re-labeled a bit differently.

Cataclysm is WotLK 2.0 just as WotLK was TBC 2.0.

You scaled everything up, we all do they exact same garbage we had to do to reach the enjoyable parts of the game as we had to do at the beginning of WotLK.

Illustrious Grand Master...seriously? You couldn't just come out with new recipes?
Not to mention pretty much all gems, enchant mats, etc. etc. are simply scaled up versions of items that existed in the game. Same goes for most recipes - we've seen this all before.

I am freaking sick of this and you should be too. We've done this grind before, and we did it before that even.

As for the game world? Yeah, they did a good job increasing visual quality and changing locations. We spend probably 1% of our time in these areas compared to how much time we're going to spend in city hubs, queueing for the same small selection of instances over and over again just as we did in WotLK. I was actually excited, thinking World would come back to World of Warcraft. Sadly, it did not.

Wait in line, slay big bad guys in dungeon with hopefully mildly competent random people to get gear to slay bigger bad guys in bigger dungeons with hopefully more competent people. The mechanics of the bad guys are slightly different variations of bad guys you've killed before, you have a few new abilities for slaying these bad guys. Big. Freaking. Deal.

Then enhance that gear you get with re-named and scaled up versions of the same stuff you enhanced your gear with before.

I feel cheated, I feel lied to. This expansion was advertised as something it is definitely not.
Wish I could get my money back. :/
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I disagree wholeheartedly.
The onus is on you to actually explore the new content and not sit on your hands in the city waiting for dungeons. I, personally, think they did a great job with making the world exciting.
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Then enhance that gear you get with re-named and scaled up versions of the same stuff you enhanced your gear with before.
as someone who has been playing since vanilla... this literally happens every expansion, just enjoy the game for what it is or find a new one.
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I am not a fanboy, i disagree. I have not had this much fun with WoW since TBC
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What did you think was going to happen? And while I found the new zones to be pretty lackluster, the new Heroics are actually quite fun and challenging.
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I'd like you to tell me what you would have done differently.
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12/21/2010 12:32 PMPosted by Goshi
I disagree wholeheartedly.
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Expansion =/= new game. Its means expanded/additional content of the same game. If you're bored with how WoW is played, go play a different game.
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I just wish they would pay more attention to things that really matter:

A. Class balance - Do they not have enough people working on this, or do they have too many
people that can't agree on anything so nothing gets done? Either way, it's been a problem since vanilla and at no point have things ever been good in this department, and classes stay OP or UP for far too long at a time (frost has been op for months, and hunters are virtually unplayable).

B. Reigning in the ludicrous escalation of gear (do we really need ilevel 300 gear in the 80s? Do we really need 100,000 health and 2000 in our prime stats? No, get it under control please.

C. Fix PvP - seriously, pvp shouldn't be so bursty. I can't understand how fixing this is the equivalent of discovering gravity induction technology for WoW's dev team. IMO, it's directly related to B.

D. Fixing player models - So many of them have been so bad for so long (I'm looking at you
human male and troll female) - and they just refuse to do any updates for no reason at all.
Fix worgen female eyes, make female trolls look more like trolls, get rid of that damn hare lip on human males, reduce the gorilla hunch in all of the horde males, update textures for all races). Most of the old models are ugly to the point that I can't play them anymore.

E. Give players incentives for going to other capitals besides SW and Org.

F. Stop using shaman as a plural of shaman. It's shamans and insisting that it isn't in your world comes across as ignorant and too prideful to admit that you made a mistake. I've also seen other text in the game that has bad errors (using it's when it should be its, repel when it should be rappel, and a bad misspelling of mischievous are all things I've seen in Cata content.)

G. Get rid of the huge gaps in gear between each expansion break so that content stays seamless and relevant.

H. Cataclysm has good content, but it was executed poorly. The story should unfold as a character levels for that character, and Cata destroyed that concept by jumping the story forward meta-game and creating massive continuity issues (the battle for undercity already happened when you start a new undead, but the guards in UC act like it hasn't until you do the quest later yourself). Too bad it's too late to fix this, but at least try to learn from it.

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I've been playing this game since the day it launched and I'm here to tell you that Cataclysm is the best one yet. They've done a wonderful job and I applaud them for it. Sure we troll these forums and bicker and complain about class mechanics, PvP, each other's moms, etc. etc. but in the end Blizzard has delivered a damn good product this time around.

What did you expect though? Spaceships, Jedi Knights riding Kodo's, Sharks with freaking lasers on their heads (oh wait ... I think I saw one the other day.) It's world of warcraft. Yes it's the same world. Yes it's got the same people and dragons in it. Yes things "feel" the same. So what?

I pay to play World of Warcraft and indulge myself into the lore that is associated with World of Warcraft. If I wanted a complete overhaul and a complete change, I'd purchase a product that didn't say "Warcraft." You should do the same.



Dear LJ...

Why is this here?
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Sounds like you meant to buy a new game and accidentally purchased an expansion.
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12/21/2010 1:38 PMPosted by Athair
Sounds like you meant to buy a new game and accidentally purchased an expansion.

Maybe the expansion shouldn't be advertised as a new game.


Would have been more fitting.
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