Resto Druid Stat Caps?

100 Night Elf Druid
Anyone know the new 85 caps to be at for haste, mastery etc.?

I used to be maxed out in haste and stuff before cata, but I need to know the new caps so I know what to gem for/reforge etc.

My stats right now sit at:
1336 Haste or 10.43%
1682 Spirit or 1631 per 5 seconds when not casting
3363 Intellect
12.80 Mastery
9.39% Crit

I have 101k health, 70k mana

Nothing has been reforged yet. And I added a few gems.
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100 Night Elf Druid
There are no real "caps".

There are distinct breakpoint values of haste that give you additional ticks on hots (such as 915 for 5th tick rejuv, assuming 5% haste raid buff, and 2004 haste for 9th tick WG with 5% raid buff)

Haste above or between those breakpoints still has value (lower cast times, shorter GCD, etc), just not as drastic a gain as when u reach a break point. Haste always adds to HPS, but only adds to HPM at break points

There is no cap on mastery: more will always heal more...and somehow i doubt you will be at 100% crit chance anytime soon. Crit and Mastery both increase HPM (when not overhealing) and HPS (though less than haste)

in general, just go by the stat weights INT >> Spirit (till u no longer need regen) / Haste >> Mastery / Crit (the more u focus on tank healing, the better mastery is than crit)
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90 Night Elf Druid
Your spec is... interesting? At first glance it looks like a PvP tree, but then the lack of Furor and Revitalize is bewildering. It looks like you were determined to buff Rejuv and SM as much as possible without regard for regen.

As for gearing, assuming you consistently have a Lock who isn't an idiot, Dark Intent + 5% spell haste means you only need 1595 haste to get the 9th tick on WG. Which is huge for our raid healing right now.
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