<Happy Hour> is a strict, 10 man oriented guild that is geared towards progression raiding. We are a very close knit guild (most of us know each other irl) with extensive raid experience. We are currently looking to fill 2 dps spots. Since cata has come out we have lost 2 dps to real life issues. We are looking to add to a small group of core raiders that are consistent and used to reacting and running with each other.

Raid Nights
Tuesday and Thursday from 8-11.

Key Criteria:
As we are a close knit 10 man guild, we usually push to run with roughly the same 10 people every raid. So consistency is the biggest factor.

If you can not stay out of fire or avoid void zones, or dps the right target etc, being consistent will not save your spot.

Friendly and helpfull. Nobody in this guild is an elitest jerk, yet we have people in all classes who are very intelligent when it comes to the workings of their classes and wow in general. That said, helpful criticism is always appreciated. And on the flip side, if you recieve the criticism, you have to be able to take it.

Currently seeking:
Enhance shaman with possible a healing off spec
Boomkin with possible healing off spec
Dps warrior

Any questions or concerns can be directed to myself (Leoh) or Oroduin in game, or feel free to apply on our website at happyhour.guildomatic.com.