Please help me find a guild that fits!

90 Goblin Priest
Hello all,

I'm a returning player thats been away from the game for some time looking for a guild, but not seeing too many recruitment postings that seem like a good match.

I have a plethora of raiding experience in WoW, but thats not necessarily what I'm looking for this time around. I'm hoping to find a guild of other adults that plays regularly and wish to improve their characters and have fun, but can accept my occasional real world commitments that sometimes take precedence over the game.

My return to wow was a few days ago and I quit shortly after Wrath launched, so be forgiving of my gear if evaluating my characters. I have all professions but Archaeology at around 450 or higher, which I hope would benefit my new guild as much as it has my old ones. I have leveled each of my characters, so I have solid knowledge of each class I play and a beast of a gaming rig. Thanks for taking the time to check me out, and feel free to contact me here or in game!

84 - Priest - Ignostic
80 - Warrior - Heatscore
80 - Mage - Redeyed
80 - DK - Hockeyknight
77 - Rogue - Harshgreens
70 - Druid - Noctuurnal
70 - Hunter - Hotknives
54 - Paladin - Anesthesia

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85 Tauren Druid
Sounds like you would fit in perfectly in my guild. All members are adults and for the most part we just hang out in teamspeak and do dungeons together most days of the week. We don't really have any recruitment requirements except that we only accept adults. We all have alts we play here and there also and it's a pretty casual, fun atmosphere.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
If you didn't notice we are known as WoW Tools, it's a joke name. We currently have 4 bank tabs that range from lowbie to 85 items. We like to help each other out and were trying to get a group geared well enough for heroics. We also help each other out when it comes to getting alts higher and better geared also. We understand that real life is far more important than the game and we respect your out of game responsibilities. You sound like a great fit for our guild and just whisper Riboflavin, Remijdio, or Magtor in-game or post a response here if you're interested.
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