84 Night Elf Druid
12/26/2010 3:46 PMPosted by Mourtifir
Sub rogues have finisher mastery, and one of our finishers is a bleed, one with a much higher setup and opportunity cost.

How so? Your CP generation and energy regen is significantly higher than a ferals. If by oppurtunity cost, you mean "we have stuff that's so good, we dont use it", then i don't buy it. In pvp, you don't need that many finishers. In PvE, you should already be rolling it "for free". It's not going to hit like a truck.

You have more cp generation, more energy generation, (and hence both more attacks and finishers), your mastery applies to all finishers, not just one(plus imp evis). Then there's the fact that you have more finishers overall.You have what, 6 of them? feral has 4.

Maybe combat needs a fix. But sub essentially gets rupture "for free" in pve, while assas will use it for VW procs, which is fine.

Most rogue specs damage is a bit lower than it maybe should be. but rupture doesn't need to do omfg damage. It just needs to do enough to be worth using over Evis/envenom. Your focus as a class isn't on bleeds, rupture isn't the focus of your class. Don't expect it to act like it. When and if rogue damage gets fixed, i doubt rupture will get more than a cursory boost to keep it where it is now.
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85 Undead Rogue
12/25/2010 9:02 AMPosted by Bodygrinder
Use it in pvp against high armor targets, it does more than you think.

it ticks for ~500 on ZERO resil targets.

no, I'm not kidding. and that's in my current gear, not naked.
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12/25/2010 8:53 AMPosted by Redfang
Thats rediculous
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