<Advent Children> is a guild formed of close friends, and we are in need to bolster our ranks a bit.

The guild includes a Tabard, 4 Bank Tabs, Vent, a Website and more.

We have guild events, such as:

Guild Lotto - Weekly basis

Guild Member of the Month Award - Monthly Basis

Guild Dungeon Runs - All the time

Raids - Coming soon

We are looking to recruit all Races, Classes, Levels and Spec's. The only thing that we ask is be respectful.


We are also currently in need of Guild Crafters! We are Hiring!

To become a guild crafter, please whisper a member in game and ask for an officer.

Being a crafter comes with benefits, including, but not limited to:

Guild mats used for leveling said prof

Bank allowances

Gold Bonuses for crafting

Please whisper Akme, Taseria or Alothenil in game and we can discuss terms further.

Thanks for reading!