Riven Group 2 Recruiting

85 Worgen Warrior
Riven is forming a second 10m raid group for Cataclysm content, and we're in need of competent raiders to flesh it out. We are also looking for exceptional (read: amazing) raiders for Group 1, currently the most progressed group on the server with the majority of server-first kills.

Visit www.rivenwow.net to fill out an application, and if applying for group 2, please specify so somewhere in your app. Thanks for your interest!

Current Group 2 Needs:
1-2 Healers (Druid, Shaman, Priest)
3-4 DPS (Mage, Warlock, Priest, Druid)

Tentative Group 2 Schedule:
Monday-Thursday 6:00-10:00 Server time. Subject to change, and I won't be shy about trying to squeeze in extra days if the people are online.
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85 Undead Rogue
I like 10 man more because the pressure is on for each person to perform. 25 man always ends up with a lot of folks thinking they can be carried.
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85 Worgen Warrior
12/25/2010 1:03 PMPosted by Avellin
True but it's easier to get 10 people to work together then 10 people and 15 clowns. =) So that in its self can make 10 mans easier then 25.

This is exactly right, but if people want to use that as their reasoning then they are admitting the people in their guild aren't very good. 10 skilled players can work together just as easily as 25 skilled players. If you're issue is bad players, blame that on them and not the encounter design.
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85 Human Priest
im with remover on this, 10s are more fun for a lot of people! much more laid back too, and its great that you can go just about any time you want; rigid 25m schedule can be a pain in the A sometimes

that said, im still pretty sure 25s will almost always be harder than 10s for reason's avellin stated (and there was a pretty big thread about it a while ago if youre interested in more details lol)

also, bump for a group 2 that i didnt know existed O.o
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Because coordinating 25 people is so much easier than 10.
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81 Draenei Shaman
12/29/2010 4:30 PMPosted by Plecto
Group 1, WAS AT ONE TIME the most progressed group on the server

Fix'd it all up for ya

not gonna lie, that outfit looks awesome. well, the hat + robe at any rate.
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85 Orc Death Knight
Lol, man kids are mad.

But for real, misinformation is a disease. So you should stop lying about being #1 =(
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