The Sanguine Order [Server Transferred]

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Guild Name: The Sanguine Order
Guild created officially 2-4-07. Currently shown 9-10-07.

As of April 1, 2012, we are now located on Emerald Dream (RPPVP) Alliance side.

Most information below is no longer valid/up-to-date.

I. Introduction

The Sanguine Order was formally founded as a roleplaying only Guild and has since evolved over the years into a mix of PvP and RP. After many counts of inactivity we are back and have the intent of creating a stable environment for all who wish to include themselves. We work to stand out as a Guild and have since been met with success. All of our founding members have been playing together for 4+ years now and it assists in maintaining a well-refined sanctuary for players.

II. Mission

As a Guild we strive to maintain a clean and drama free environment which holds high respect between its members and non. We seek to provide a helpful existence to all our members and extend hands to those who are in need outside our own ranks as well. We work to gain a sense of notoriety as a RP and PvP Guild without sacrificing dignity or resorting to unsavory actions and attitudes. We not only can provide assistance in both aspects, but welcome those who are willing to enlist and experience everything with us regardless of skill level.
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III. Roleplay Storyline

[ Credit to Mariveaux for this Opening ]

Like a field that had been allowed to fallow in order to regain fertility, The Sanguine Order went underground over a year ago, their members dispersing into the masses to further hone their skills and begin plots that would take months to come to full fruition.

Now with a sudden release of raw power, cutting through confusion and indecision, they are setting things in motion.

A reign of chaos is upon us.
Dementia, paranoia, apathy. A descent into madness.
A world embraced by evil is deserving of stability.
Balance must be kept and we will be the hand that serves it.

The construction of a new Order.
Sacred grounds to provide sanctuary -- a vanguard to the weak and the lost.
A purpose - no, a calling higher than oneself.
It is no longer about personal gain, but survival.

We take hold of our own fate.
We shall over come our past and press towards our destiny.

It does not matter from where you hail, but that you are here now.
For we, we are equal -- brothers and sisters in arms, blood and oath.
And it is up to us to achieve what others may think impossible.

A creature lurks within our midst.
It takes helm within our lands.
And feeds off of our people.
Our lack of resistance fuels their fire, but no more.

We are the chosen.
We will make a stand.
And we will conquer.

The future takes hold in the present.
We must merely plant the seed and watch it flourish before us.

Are we at an understanding?

IV. Player versus Player

We have a few rules that we strive to uphold in all our actions and events:

Laws of the Order:

1.) Listen to the designated leader.

2.) Refrain from griefing slain or living enemies (tea-bagging, spitting, camping, ect.).

3.) Avoid camping vital NPCs in excess.

4.) Remember you represent the guild and our faction, we are to be a cut above the rest.

*Those who do not follow these laws are subject to warnings followed by immediate removal from the raid or guild.

These are guidelines as to how we expect our members to act and all of these are supported and upheld as necessary.

Our PvP crowd is a mild one with a wide range of skill sets inside them. We have beginner level players and those who have worked up to and past 2200 arena rating. We do not ask for arena ratings nor do we place any true value within them. It is much more about the person behind the character rather than the skill level. We hold PvP Events that include Rated BGs and World PvP raids which are further explained later on.
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V. Ranks

We accept both the role playing and PvP minded individuals as those aspects are the focus of our Guild. Others are welcome to join as they please, though.

Ranks are set in place to reflect ones devotion to the Guild.

Devotion to the Guild:
This is something that includes a person attempting to make the Guild a better place. Not only through assisting other members, but by attending events and passing on insight when necessary. This is when one signs up to events and arrives on time and ready to go while trying to create a better environment for others.

    + Responds to Events on the Calendar
    + If Signed Up, one who arrives on time and ready to go
    + Suggests ways to make things run better within reason
    + Makes an effort to help out others
    + Positive representative of the Guild

Progression of Ranks:

Trial < Alternate < Initiate < Member < Veteran < Elite < Consul < Officer

Each of the below ranks gain in repair assistance and bank access as one advances:

    Entry level rank.

    Alternate character of anyone Initiate and above in the Guild, including officials.

    Two weeks within the Guild. Repair assistance and bank access.

    Four weeks within the Guild. Repair assistance and bank access.

    Acquired through devotion to the Guild. Repair assistance and bank access.

    Acquired through excessive devotion to the Guild. Repair assistance and bank access.

VI. Inactivity Policy

After a longstanding lack of a policy such as this, we have decided to start one to better illustrate our activity and numbers.

Marked as AFK

After one month of inactivity, your character will be marked as AFK within the Guild.

All alternate characters will be removed at this time.

Removal from Guild due to AFK

After two months of inactivity, your character will be kicked from the Guild.


Anyone who lets a Guild Official know (preferably Lorenz) of a break (long or short term) they are taking from WoW is exempt from our inactivity policy.

Upstanding, long-term members are also exempt.

There are other exceptions to be made as every case can and will be different.

Once one returns to the game, entry will be allowed back into the Guild.

VII. Miscellaneous


Please excuse the lack of events as we are attempting to return to activity.

All times listed below are by Server-Time.

Guild Meeting(s) - At least once a month we hold a Guild meeting, "in person" within a city or in guild chat, to discuss upcoming plans and/or changes within the Guild. It is designed to be an open floor for anyone to bring up any topics that they feel need to be addressed.

Third Sunday of each Month at 7:00pm-8/9:00pm

World PvP - An assault on a prominent or not-so-prominent Alliance settlement or city.

Wednesdays at 6:00pm-8:00pm Server

Rated Battlegrounds - Guild groups of rated battlegrounds.

Group One: Thursdays at 6:00pm-9:00pm
Group Two: Saturdays at 7:00pm-9/10:00pm
Group Three: Saturdays at 7:00pm-9/10:00pm

Note: We are working to solidify these groups and potentially more.

Baradin Hold - 10 man.

Sundays at 6:00pm Server

Old-World Raids - Any level 60-80 raid.

Sundays at 7:30pm-8/9:30pm

Note: If you are wishing to attend one of our events, and are not in our Guild, please contact Lorenz with said interest and you will be placed on an invite list should the need arise for more to come/attention to be brought.

Things we have:

    - Tabard
    - Seven Tab Guild Bank
    - Free Gems (to the best of our ability)
    - Constructive Criticism (if warranted)
    - Laid Back Environment

Guild Merge(s):
We have successfully had a Guild merge into us and are open to more who are willing to do such an act. Please contact Lorenz if you are seeking to do something like this.

Some of us also play Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, Starcraft II, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Battlefield and Company of Heroes together.

Any questions and/or comments about anything may be directed to Lorenz or Varanack.
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80 Blood Elf Hunter
These people know their stuff.

Like a fox.
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these dudes are legit.
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90 Goblin Shaman
*rolls around*
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85 Goblin Hunter
12/28/2010 6:02 AMPosted by Peredhel
these dudes are legit.

Agreed - they have a great group of players in TSO, good to see they are opening the doors to expand :)
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85 Goblin Rogue
Where do I fill the application form?

Let me tell you guys a bit about myself so you can understand why I mere level 71 Globin Rogue wants to join your ranks.

Many years ago, before there was any X-Realm BG and not even servers transfer I used to play a level 60 Orc Warrior on the Sen’ Jin server. Being able to get a good PVP band going I managed to get Howlett the General title and got close to the Warlord title before they shut of the honor ranking system. Being the challenge of the Honor system the major reason why I played PVP I decided to succumb to some RL friends and ended up creating a character here in this server but on the Alliance side. And have been playing raids and other PVE stuff ever since.

But with the release of Cataclysm and the new rated BG system the PVPing nature arose again and I decided to create Doninha my Globin Rogue. I have being questing solo most of the time, but now that I am past level 70 I see that is time for me to look for a new home.

So that is why a level 71 wants in.

Best Regards

Ps: Forgive if there are any mistakes on my writing.
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85 Orc Warrior
Stamp of approval here. These guys are good people.

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85 Goblin Hunter
Appreciate teaming up with TSO tonight on rated BGs. We beat a number of good teams and had a good time. Look forward to more next week!
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85 Orc Death Knight
Join us. We have pie.
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85 Goblin Priest
SHOUT OUT GOES TO MY GOOD FRIEND TZ <3 Zherual from Watering Plants!
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90 Goblin Shaman
bumping for awesome.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
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85 Undead Warlock
I'd like to thank everyone that attended our PvP event this evening. Good turnout.
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100 Orc Shaman
This guild is awesome, just saying.
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85 Troll Druid
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Guess an alliance scum should come in an say something rude like or some such thing Nope ain gonna happen nope nope nope

Good luck, i 'd apply except for the fact that

1) <~Alliance scum
2) an can't pvp to save my life


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*pelvic thrust*
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