On fights where there is a lot of area damage, Demonology warlocks, Frost DKs and possibly Survival hunters are all too high. Shadow priest AE, mostly due to a weak Mind Sear, feels too low.

Okay....Okay, we're dealing too much damage with Howling Blast. DO NOT make this our 31 point talent PLEASE!! I don't want a AOE that is going to be "in-line" with other class AOE's that get them as baseline abilities. I don't even want it if it's slightly better. I want a cool and very useful 31 point talent that isn't going to be a gimmick. Like Titans Grip, or Vendetta or Bladestorm or Deep Freeze.

We’re happy with damage overall.
2 Handed Frost is 10% behind Dual Wield Frost, and even further behind Unholy. 2 Handed Frost is supported in the Frost Tree now, so please bump up its damage significantly so i don't feel obligated to go dual wield frost when i hate it. I'm forced to play Dual Wield or Unholy because it does more damage by a wide margin. Or nerf those 2 to be closer to 2 Handed Frost. Either one works for me.

I love 2 handed Frost, but back in Wrath of the Lich King Blizzard took that option away from us and I vehemently disagreed with it. Now they gave it back to us, but it's not competitive.

It's really easy to buff it. Tack it onto Might of the Frozen wastes like you did with Warriors Titans Grip. Don't have to worry about Cross Speccing into it for unholy, they cant go that low in the talent tree.

Necrotic Strike needs to be affected by resilience.

Agreed. BUT It sucks for Frost. Make Necrotic Strike attractive for Frost.