First off this is not necessarily a recruitment thread. We do have a guild known as Logical Journey and if anyone interested in joining us under that tag we are more than open to new members after a brief trial period. However, if you want to stay in your current guild but still raid or play with us, that's equally cool.

About us:
We are a group of friends that have been playing since vanilla release but are currently looking for new friends and people to play with. As we have been around for a while we have a lengthy list of exploits. But as someone who does not believe that past performance is as important as current progress I will not list our accomplishments unless someone wishes to specifically inquire. However, I also realize that some indication that we are not complete fail is necessary, so i hope it will suffice to say that we have excelled at both PvP and PvE content in the past. We are also committed to having fun and love to joke around when the time is appropriate. Of course anyone can talk themselves up, and everyone usually does, so the only way to tell for sure if we are right for you is to run something with us.

What we are looking for:
For members: Fun, easy going, casually oriented players.
For raiders: Casually oriented players who still realize the responsibility and ability required for successful raid progression and are willing to give the necessary amount of commitment and attend at least one raid a week.
In general: We are a close group of friends and as a sarcastic bunch we may come off as elitist and often downright @#@*ish, yet we open up quickly to people that we like. We like players who know their stuff, are open minded, patient, intelligent, and are 51%+ more kind than rude. We do not mind cockiness but only if it is backed by results. We do not like unfounded arrogance and braggarts, idiocy, or people who are generally obnoxious.

What you can expect:
A casual environment that is interested in progress for those who seek it. Players who are generally patient and understanding yet harsh on repeat idiocy. Drama (implied honesty; no guild is without drama that I know of). Flexible scheduling that is centered around weekday evening activity, particularly Wednesday. We typically make no plans during the weekends as most of us like to use that time for non-gaming related activities.

We prefer 10 man raids to 25 man but in the event that we can put together a 25 man group, we will do it.

Other stuff:
We require voice for raiding, but don't have an official vent, we just sort of leech where we can.
We don't have a website.
We're level 6 currently.
We don't have some massive bank with tons of stuff and gold, but we do use what we have.

If you're interested I'm sure you can figure out some way to contact us. In game mail, contacting one of our members, or replying to this thread would be a solid start.
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