Hows Horde PVP on Nerzhul?

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Coming from a fail alliance server, where horde won almost 9 out of 10 open bg and 99% of tol barad - I decided to finally server and faction change to nerzhul (and join some friends)

Thinking that alliance was universally fail at pvp - i zone into tol barad and to my surprise Alliance was in control...(i just found out about the TB hotfix so i guess win trading is happening atm)

And i joined a random bg, excited to see what horde pvp was all about (thinking there was going to be communication/fighting at flags/etc) and we zone in - and get torched :P

This morning i zoned into Tol Barad and horde had control (win trading?) - so i figure ill queue up in a random bg (and surprised at the 15min wait time) and again we lost a bg.

So far right now its like bizarro world where queue times are not instant and horde is not dominating this a rare thing only on nerzhul and the battlegroup that we're on?

I wouldnt mind if it was competitive and 50/50 in random bg..but i really dont want to be in a group where we get dominated all the time :(
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BGs aren't confined to battlegroups anymore so your win/loss rates should even out over a long enough period of time; however, more horde queue for BGs than alliance so you will always have longer wait times.

As for Ner'zhul specifically you have good players on both sides and I've seen alliance win TB before the honor change while on offense. You should pick whichever faction appeals to you more instead of trying to jump on a bandwagon.
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BG9 is a fairly competitive battlegroup. BG W/L ratio is a flat 1/1 most of the time, however be warned: Horde has 10 minute queues at peak hours and 20 minute queues in the middle of the night.

For arenas, this Bloodlust is one of the nastiest Battlegroups to play on. Within Bloodlust, Ner'zhul is the worst server for finding arena partners; compared to most servers the amount of Gladiators here is notoriously low.

Right now Tol'Barad is being win-traded, so 50/50 control. Before this "hotfix", the alliance had majority hold on it but horde had decent uptime cause we won one in the middle of the night. Hard to say what will happen once blizz decides what they are going to do to fix the zone.

There is a lot of general world PvP going on at the moment, mostly manifested in ganking parties around Hyjal and coordinated camping of daily-quest mobs. Crucible of Carnage is a good place to go for a fight almost any time of day.

In general Ner'zhul alliance would probably be the best choice for quicker BG queue times, although if you really want to be horde our wins and losses are quite even. Don't come here if you are looking for uber competitive arena play (which I seriously doubt you are).
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