Tower of Radiance

69 Tauren Paladin
So, the 3 point talent Tower of Radiance states that my Flash of Light, Holy Light and Divine Light spells, when cast on my Beacon of Light target will grant me a charge of Holy Power 100% of the time. I kept looking it over, and when I cast Flash/Divine, it totally works. However, I never gain a charge when casting Holy Light. I submitted a ticket about it and received the standard "Thanks for letting us know" reply. Was there a fix to this? Is the tooltip not updated from a patch or is the ability actually broken? Any information would help!
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1 Human Warrior
they hotfixed it so that this is no longer the case...they just haven't updated the client to reflect the change yet.
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10 Gnome Rogue
it was a hox fix nerf
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69 Tauren Paladin
Thanks for the info, this makes me sad.
I played a paladin in WotLK, but it was primarily PvP Holy with amazing results. Now I'm back in the BC content healing DK's and the like. I never have mana issues, and tend to rely solely on Holy Shock/Word/Holy Light and Beacon. My poor Divine Light and FoL are kind of gimmicky right now. I remember in WotLK pve, I spammed Holy Light with ridiculous effect (the endgame mana regen and spellpower was intense). I know that can't be the case in endgame now. About when can I expect to use Divine Light? Will FoL always be for just a spotty situation? Basically I want to know if I'm retaining bad habits for end game healing >.>
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