Feral pvp damage needs to be high

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Looks like they are switching bleed damage to "main attacks" - presumably shred/mangle.


I can see why they would want to do that, but I hope it is genuinely switching damage from one type to another and not declawing ferals altogether. It takes more skill to shred than rip so good ferals will still do well.
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I don't think Feral's damage is the problem (or at least, I don't think so. hell, my damage is pretty high as Assassination and I don't say its to outragious). What is, however, is that they have perhaps the best mobility in the game with 45% movement speed, sprint, charge, and group mini-sprint. They're impossible to lock down because they're immune to so many CCs/snares, so it's almost impossible to kite them to diminish that damage. They bring a 10s interrupt, which also causes more mana to be expended on casts until they can interrupt again - which bleeds healers pretty fast. And on top of this all they have pretty decent survivability. Yes, ferals can't tank three people at once now during their regeneration, but their survivability is still pretty great.

Now, rogues do have more tools, but they have nothing approaching this level. Even Assassination, which might have equal to or greater damage than feral also comes with the stigma of being perhaps the least mobile class/spec in PvP. Subtlely is the opposite end of the spectrum, with great/good mobility and survivability, but absolutely no damage.

The problem I guess, is that ferals HAVE no weakness to counter their strengths where as the rogue class (which you were comparing them to) DOES.
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Yeah, I think they bring passive guaranteed snares, a baseline ghetto shadowstep, an entire shapeshift form dedicated to screwing up, that gives them unprecedented tanking power, immunity to kiting, and miscellaneous goodies like immunity to mage CC and uninterruptible heals. Sure, you can only cast one or two heals. And I can only get my face chewed off one or two times. Sounds even to me.

Feral charge isn't baseline, kiting isn't impossible (although much much harder), and it's only 1 heal.

Bear~~prot of other hybrids (notably warriors).

I'm not sure what you mean by a form dedicated to screwing up.


Oopsy. I think i just got missed the intent of the post i quoted. Mah bad.
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12/27/2010 9:47 PMPosted by Arelia
Looks like they are switching bleed damage to "main attacks" - presumably shred/mangle.

Good. Shred has been a bit low for cata.Although i guarantee as soon as the change hits, we'll see "feral burst is too high" as soon as shred starts hitting hard again.
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