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Infusion was formed in BC, and has since been a competitive raiding guild on Shadow Council. Nearing the end of Wrath we decided to take a break... but now we're back!

We are a top tier raiding guild on Shadow Council, and we believe we offer a unique perspective on WoW PVE. Listed below are several qualities that set us apart from other guilds on our server and on others. If this philosophy towards raiding appeals to you, then maybe Infusion is the guild for you.

Mutual Respect. We value a guild culture that emphasizes maturity, friendship, and respect. Our guild members like one another and enjoy the time we spend together; anyone who joins is expected to fit into this setting. This does not mean we are all serious and boring - there is plenty of room for joking, having fun and goofing off. However, there is absolutely no tolerance for drama, racism and bigotry, or disrespect towards your guild members. Our members can expect direct feedback and a professional manor from the leadership, and are expected to show the same towards their fellow guild members. We also value our reputation on the server, and our members are expected to represent the guild well in any situation.

Efficient use of Time. Infusion raids only 12 hours a week. Our members have real lives and we strive to keep WoW in perspective as a hobby, not the most important thing we do. Despite these short raiding hours, we are able to maintain a top spot on the server and a high level of success in the content we work on. This means there is no room for wasted time in our raids. Members are expected to always be prepared for raids, online before invites, and require absolutely no explanation of strategies beyond the bare specifics of our execution. Random afks, excessive / pointless vent chatter, and general lack of efficiency will result in removal from the raid.

Excellence. Related to the previous point, there is no room for wasted time in our raiding schedule. There is also no room for wasted effort. In order to maintain our level of achievement, Infusion’s members are expected to spare no effort in maximizing their performance. All members should be up to date on class mechanics, use their own time to research class changes and fight strategies, and always show up prepared and motivated. This also means that all members must be ready to accept criticism in the spirit it is given, adapting to improve their performance without becoming defensive or taking it personally.

"It's simple, we're just the best there is. We wake up in the morning and we piss excellence. No one can hang with our stuff."

Do you consider yourselves Hardcore or Casual?

We're a mix of both, really. I'd call it "Dressy Casual". We raid a maximum of 12 hours a week, but we squeeze every drop out of that time. So you don't really have to worry about raiding sucking up all your free time, and burning out within a few weeks, but at the same time you can expect some real progression in a reasonable period of time.

Are you recruiting for 10mans or 25mans?

Short Answer: Both
Longer Answer: We're going to start with 10mans while we fill out our roster, and then dip a toe back into 25s. 25mans are what should be expected in the long run.

What happened to Saizul/Iroe's recruitment posts?
He's lazy. You may whisper him ingame and express your disapproval.

At the moment people are still returning to WoW, and even the top guilds still have members running around in blues, so expect some rev up time.

Questions? Contact: Rhael
Website: http://infusionsc.wowstead.com/
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Good luck, friends ^_^
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Do you have an idea yet of the days/times you plan to be running?
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12/29/2010 4:53 PMPosted by Tamarack
Do you have an idea yet of the days/times you plan to be running?

Same ones we used in the past. Monday-Thursday 6pmST - 9pmST
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