What is the largest guild (most members)?

Hello all, I am a veteran player but re-rolled after Cataclysm, I'm looking for a very large guild (or the largest preferably lol) because I just have to have a very chatty guild chat going on all hours of the day. I have this feral druid (Mazzik) and holy priest (Angeliqwa) on Alliance and an ench shaman (Bluua) and holy paladin (Angelissa) on Horde, all on Windrunner.

So, what is the largest guild for both alliance and horde? Thanks!
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Horde wut
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Refraction is a large alliance leveling guild.
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Through the Flames is rather large leveling guild.
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It's Human Anatomy ... We have to kick 100-200 members a Day because of a glitch where our inactives come back but we still gain more than 1000 members estimating roughly 1200-1300 now but that's including the inactives we kick everyday.
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Refraction GM also likes to clear out all the gold in the bank and items and sell them for himself.

Not to mention little to no bank rights and no help from anyone.

It's just being in a guild full of strangers that never talk or help.
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I think a better question would be: "Where can we see the guilds listed by most to least members?"

That is if such a database is available :)
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Crimson assurance is a pretty big guild. 4 raid groups starting RBGs. I think near 800 ppl. And the gm doesn't steal from gbank
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Go to untitled, even though there not a large guild. Ventris is always on, and hes all you need to keep you occupied.
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