85 Tauren Paladin
Yes folks, the two gods among men, Kosten and Boxxie are once again walking the path of loneliness, without a guild to call our own.

About us: I myself was born atop the highest mountain in Nepal, where i was raised by monks to be the best tank in the world. In my self righteous quest to achieve this, i stumbled upon a crate labeled "Warning, Contents Contain a God!" In my curiosity, i kicked open the crate to find the greatest hunter in the universe at my side. Once the bond had been made between the two greatest players in the cosmos, the scheme of armed combat itself changed.

As heroes and Martyrs, we roamed the earth for 400 years collecting experience and battle victories to improve our status even more than previously, obtaining in the process in excess of 6 Dragon balls, 1 cloak of invisibility, a sorcerer and his stone, the goblet of fire, legolas the elf, and a bear.

In a whirlwind of fame and fortune, the two young and prosperous gods quickly rose to the top of everything, defeating challengers wherever they went -- be still, reader, as i know that your excitement is near peak, as our fearless duo ventures on throughout the world collecting friends and artifacts, they weep silently.

When a god is not pleased with something, like a guild, that god often searches for another guild to replace his own.

This is where you come in, mortal.

Your skills in team building may be considered this very day, if you are to approach the gods with an extended arm, holding a dove of truth which, in turn, holds an eagle holding an olive branch.

For more of this epic tale, please approach one of the two gods in game

Peace be with you

Edited by Boxxie on 1/2/2011 11:40 PM PST
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85 Orc Warrior
7K DPS Hunter and Tank who can't dispel or pick up adds on P1 LK inc
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85 Troll Shaman
01/03/2011 1:32 AMPosted by Murcielago
7K DPS Hunter and Tank who can't dispel or pick up adds on P1 LK inc

stop being so mad all the time, it's exhausting.
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85 Tauren Paladin
01/03/2011 1:48 AMPosted by Sixgun
stop being so mad all the time, it's exhausting.

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