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85 Orc Warrior
Have they always been this bad on this server? Random BG queue times take up to half an hour on average for me, and I've actually been in queue for up to an hour at times. Most other servers I've played at have a queue time of 2-3 mins at the highest.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
I thought they combined all the battle groups together for PvP and into 4 large groups for Looking for Dungeon.
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100 Undead Rogue
They were supposed to. But from what I've heard on Ally side Queues aren't that bad for either BGs or Dungeons. But for Horde they are hella long. A friend of mine put a post up in the General forum to try to petition a free faction change to help balance out servers with over population of either one faction or the other. But who knows, it's posted by Fayd if you want to take a look.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Side: Alliance

BG queue: Instant
Dungeon Tank Queue: Instant
Dungeon Healer Queue: 6 to 15 minutes
Dungeon DPS Queue: 35 to 45 minutes
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85 Troll Mage
Here's the thing, they combined many Battlegroups to a few regional groups that incorporate what were previously many Battlegroups. Thing is, there are fewer Alliance pvping than there are Horde pvping for whatever reason. So when one Alliance decides he wants to pvp there are two or three Horde also deciding they want to pvp, so Allies get instant queue cause there aren't as many of them queuing.
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75 Tauren Priest
There is a glitch or something that has recently caused this. If you Q for a specific game you will get in much faster FYI. I dont know if it has been reported but I found this to help.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm most likely going to be transferring to the alliance for this reason, I sure will miss the cool lookin mounts though, but its appears that if i want to get faster ques and quicker honor and achieves im gonna need to go alliance =P
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85 Tauren Druid
It's a pain in the ass but because of the over abundance of Horde queuing for Battlegrounds I often find myself getting 'lost' in the queue for up to an HOUR before I remember I even queued and check the time. Best results is to leave and rejoin if you've been sitting in queue longer than 5 minutes..... It's still ridiculous. Free faction changes blizz gogogogo
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