Transgression is currently looking for select players to join us for raiding progression.

Formed shortly after Wrath we are a well-established raiding guild and will again be running 25 man raids, as well as the ten mans we already have going in Cataclysm.

We are currently most interested in the following classes:
* Holy Paladin
* Boomkin
* Ele Shaman
* DPS or Fury Warrior
* Unholy DK
* Hunter (survival)
* Resto Druid

Interested players can apply at:

or contact Auklet or Corpsmantoo ingame.

About our guild:
We currently have a stable raiding base & our ranking system rewards our members for preparation, participation & cooperation. If your class is not listed but you believe yourself to be an exceptional player and can outperform anyone who currently holds a spot as one of our members, please feel free to apply as well.

Our culture is relaxed in general but serious about raiding. We engage in a lot of playful banter, so this is not a guild for the easily offended - at the same time, we expect members not to cross the line from joking to attacking. If you like raiding, dislike drama, and want to spend time with other people who take the game seriously but don’t take themselves too seriously, this could be the place for you!

We will require that you:
• Have a stable computer & internet connection.
• Ventrilo.
• All typical raiding mods
• The ability to work well in a group.

Raiding Times: Tues- Thurs 6:00PM-11PM Server with ten mans on other nights as well
Edited by Auklet on 1/16/2011 9:02 PM PST