So You Want To Be A Tank - A Beginner's Guide

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One of the best guides on the forum gets a sticky!

sweetness :)

cheers :)
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Thank God. And forum moderators.
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This is a terrific thread - thanks so much for posting it. I've been playing WoW for about a year and a half now, and have been trying to find the courage to tank for easily half that time. The advice here is really excellent; excellent enough that I'm ready to bite the bullet and give it a try.

Thanks again.
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I made a troll druid alt that is about to sweep past this hunter. I decided I'd tank with bear on the druid and i love it. I'm not the best tank, but you learn how to tank by tanking like he said. Just do it, if you do well you've learned, if you do bad, you've learned more. Just go out, tell the group your new at it (or not i didn't and got lucky :P) and just go for it.
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Put more underlines on the Awareness part. Developing awareness, having the tools/UI setup to be aware and the muscle memory to deal with stuff is what makes a good tank. These things come with practice. As a good tank will be ready for problems and a great tank will know they are coming and prevent them.

Good guide. /cookie
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Warrior tank info has been stickied, please fix your post
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100 Human Warrior
Where were you years ago when I first started <3 Excellent guide for the begining tank. So do you need BoA gear to effectivly tank anymore, while leveling? I am looking at a new server, but can't afford the xfer fee.

P.S Also Tankspot has good tanking advice as well. It must be ok cause I saw Blizz had a lnk to em
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Requested a sticky for this, even though I haven't done much tanking.. (well druid tanking but I got bored of it) Its useful for new tanks to read up on this; in a dungeon if I find a terrible tank, I'll tell them to go here and read up, and if they have any more questions to ask their guild. Very nicely explained; I just might try warrior tanking once I'm bored of my Fury Warrior.. Hehe
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I believe what Rakrak was getting at is that bears don't use combo points.
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60 Troll Priest
Hey i dont know if u have it in this but i usually keep pressing tab to see if any things on the rest of the group
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90 Orc Warrior
01/07/2011 8:10 AMPosted by Bt
My second thing I'd like to address is Clicking... I've never heard of keybindings until this post, so I've obviously never used them...I've never had issues "clicking" (because thats what I thought was the point of the game, and what everyone did!) and I don't really have a tank pattern (each mobs different, so I do different things, with each different group, etc), and though i'm naieve to keybinding, is it really a necessary thing? Does it make or break a tank? I'm comfortable tanking my way (Good old, Click, Click), but I'm willing to try and expand. I'm wondering if there is a warrior tank out there who could speak more on the issue?

The most important thing when it comes to keybinding is making it as comfortable for yourself as possible. Up until about a year ago, I just clicked. One of my buddies, for the sake of PvP, made me start keybinding. For example: shield block = F. shield slam = Shift F. all my keybinds are on the left side of my keyboard, within easy reach of w,a,s, and d. So all YOU need to do, is come up with something easy and comfortable for yourself. It'll be confusing at first, but as you practice, it'll become muscle memory. Makes tanking more streamlined. Initiate -> establish threat -> tank -> react without taking eyes off party. vs. Initiate -> -click- Establish threat -> -click- Tank -> -clicking through the fight, watching your bars AND your party-

Keybinds are your friend. They are there to simplify your life.
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35 Blood Elf Paladin
Thanks for all the help with tanking, this will help a lot.
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Where were you years ago when I first started <3 Excellent guide for the begining tank. So do you need BoA gear to effectivly tank anymore, while leveling? I am looking at a new server, but can't afford the xfer fee.

P.S Also Tankspot has good tanking advice as well. It must be ok cause I saw Blizz had a lnk to em

1. Anyone completely relies on heirlooms to tank/heal/level is just lazy. There's TONS of people who dont use heirlooms(BoA stuff)to do these things. Especially me. I have NEVER bought an heirloom in my life of playing WoW and i've done great. I hate how overconfident heirloomed people get. It also can cause grief for the tank when people get over confident.

2. Im amazed i haven't found this topic before, and it helps ALOT, i've never been a very good tank(or person for that matter, i've been a jerk and control freak in to many parties/raids to count). Also, this is my first time tanking with a warrior, so it's going to be interesting. I've mainly tanked pally and druid in the past.

3. Tankspot is also and AMAZING place, lots of useful material there. If Blizz had a link to them they should be pretty good! Lol.
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85 Human Paladin
Woh man thanks for this, its an awesomely big help.I thought I had tanking down but this made me relise I never stop learning. Thanks again.
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
Excellent thread. I'm just starting to tank on my warrior and have found your thread to be very helpful and simple. Thanks for the tips and advice, and thanks to those who have contributed there own experiences and tips as well.
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85 Tauren Druid
very informative, thanks!
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85 Tauren Paladin
Thanks for the thread! Prot Pally here... I'm new to games period and this is my first game I've tried to play seriously. My hubby is a huge nerd and convinced me to play with him. Having so much fun, but I'm so overwhelmed with all the different buttons and trying to pay attention to what is happening to everything going on in the dungeons. The last game I played was Mario!!!! So many buttons, so many things I have to pay attention to! My biggest problem is when I have 4-5 things attacking me and I see that someone else is being attacked... I can't find them! I have these things in my way I can't even see what's going on. Any advice on how to manage my spells and how to keep an eye on everything without getting overwhelmed? Should I just give up on tanking, switch to DPS and come back to it when I get more experience? I didn't realize that when I made my pally that everyone expects the tank to guide everyone through... kinda hard when I'm new myself. But I like my pally! I read forums, try to know my abilities and spells best I can. I just feel like no one has the patience for me to learn... just expect me to know like I've been playing for as many years as them. I'm not saying I get yelled at, and it's not like we wipe a lot... I just know that I'm not playing as well as a seasoned pro and I would like people to enjoy playing with me. Any advice would be much appreciated. -NOOB GIRL
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85 Tauren Warrior
So what's the best advice to give a warrior who's been a DPSer for over a year and wants to try his hand at tanking? I've played around as a tank in RLK but wasn't very successful.

Should I start a new protection warrior toon or switch my dual spec and try my hand at the Cata content?
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Thank you for your response, Gruklaar!

Those are tips that I will certainly practice. I also macro's Heroic Shout to a taunt. Good? I hope so. Will one need to apply Rend before or after Thunder Clap to be most effective? And finally, is a glyphed Sunder Armour good to use in a rotation?

My warrior's level's are 20 and 35. One is Alliance and one is Horde. If you have any more to add based on that, I'd really appreciate it :D

Tab targets + Revenge is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL for threat at low levels as well as the Blood and Thunder talent. Cleave whenever you have more than two mobs attacking you (glyphed to allow it to hit a third target). Shield Slam on every cooldown. If you have Gag Order talented, Shield Bash silences and interrupts. Casters no like. It does cause more threat when you interrupt casters.

While leveling a tanking warrior, if you do all of those things and aren't on the top of the DPS meters you either have rage problems or are missing one or more of those tips.

For more info you should go to the warrior forums. They'll have more in-depth info for you that I won't be able to post here.

EDIT: The DPS meter is just a way to gauge your threat / rage. Higher DPS than the rest of the group isn't a necessity but I found that even when I got to higher levels (including 70+) that I was still at the top of the meters and was comfortably holding threat on even the larger packs of mobs.
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