Aeonaxx Watch

90 Blood Elf Death Knight
It gives you a parachute =)
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90 Gnome Mage
Wasup bloggers i finally got Aeonaxx and it was hard like really hard i have to wait like 3 weeks cause some wierdo kept killing him
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
So here I am, in my fourth month of camping for Aeonaxx. Yes, that's right...four months. As an adult with a family and a full time job, I can't afford to camp for 24 to 72 hours at a stretch. But that didn't stop me from getting the Time-Lost Proto Drake three times.

Still........since Aeonaxx spawns even less frequently than TLPD, I'm hoping that soon, with a little luck, the mount will be mine. Just thought I'd type this to pass the time while I listen to the sound of gently beating wings in the background.....(sigh)

I'm starting to really hate Blizzard!
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90 Draenei Shaman
Camping Aeonaxx too. While I waited i looked for other rare npc's and 10pm her on Silver Hand , 3 rares spawned, at the same time, Jadefang, Terborous, and Golgarok. got me a shale hatchling as a pet and 2 83 blues, as I wait... sadly Aeonaxx didn't spawn with them has yet to spawn in the 90+ hour's I've camped him so far (running total)
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Been camping him for 11hours so far. Hasn't spawned yet. Losing hope. I envoy those that did this for a 100+ hours :P
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85 Worgen Hunter
Camped him for 1191 hours, 28 miniutes, 51 seconds.


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ok so when was the last time anyone saw him on Gul'dan i have been camoin going on 4 days now and blood there a good time to be camping?
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Been about 2 weeks so far with me, been camping and counting the hours since the server restarts just to see how long it takes for one spawn and after continuous searching and long nights camping I still have not seen either Aeonaxx or Blood Seeker. And being as my realm/cross-realms are all pretty low population and pretty much no one camps for him except for me, that it was possible for someone else to ninja it before I could see it so idk what the deal is! :( -The Forgotten Coast
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90 Undead Hunter
Before they did the whole "account wide mount" thing. I got Aeonaxx and Time-Lost Proto Drake on 3 different toons on Winterhoof.

As far as Aeonaxx though....

The first camp DID take me about 3 weeks before I got it but that camp started right after the release of that expansion so the mob was in high demand and they kept restarting the dang server on me so I'm sure that screwed me up a bit. It popped up on a Wednesday night. That was my main, Devastator at lev 85.

The second time it popped up for me was on a Thursday evening. I camped maybe 2 days. That was my pally Hawtee at lev 85.

The third time it popped up late at night, I was actually sleeping and had a fan rigged to keep me from going AFK while I slept. I kept my NPCScan turned up loud and when she spawned at QB, it woke me up. That time I did it on a 82 Rogue named Gutspillr.

The best method is to pick a spot and just chill at your chosen spawn spot for a few minutes, then do a lap around the temple to check the other spawn locations. Chill at your spot, do a lap, chill, do a lap. Rigging the fan will help alot too if you want to go that route while you sleep or whatever.

LOL at me when they allowed the account wide mounts. But it was kind of fun to snag these rares. I still run into people belly-aching about never seeing them but you need to be dedicated if you want them. Do work! Make it happen
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90 Human Rogue
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Keeping the thread alive :)
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