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Ret pally here. And yes, I know we suck in PvP right now according to most of you, but dammit, I like ret. Imma keep doing it.

Recently started doing arenas for the first time because I fell in love with the paladin conquest armor set and we wantses it, yes we does. I got the shoulders first (having nothing to do with the fact that they glow blue >.> <.<) and there's a yellow gem slot on there I'm a bit lost as to what to do with.

Should I stick with the PvE stats? Namely Str, Crit, Mastery etc with hit and expertise on the reforging. Boyfriend said he heard somewhere that regardless of spec it was best to stack stamina and resilience because it was more about survivability. I went and got a Stam/Res gem for the slot but I'm sorta second guessing the logic.

So, in your opinion, what stat order do you think is key for bedazzling that awesome set?
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Strength is your number one. don't sacrifice anything with it, should be able to reach your hit cap without sacrificing strength, only gem to match the color if the bonus is strength, match with something that gives strength and something else vital.

Post patch mastery will be pretty important, but nothing will beat strength. Stat order has been posted million times too.

Post patch stat order guess, Str/mastery/crit/haste. Get your hit cap for whatever you are doing, expertise dodge cap if you are doing pve.

Edit: make this more clear for pvp purposes, you can get a hybrid strength/hit gems and other crap. Anyways get your 5% hit through reforging and gear for pvp, but go for as much strength as possible, mastery sucks till patch sort of.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Keep in mind that, much like Mages, Ret Paladins get survivability by stacking offense. If you stack Mastery, you get Hand of Light procs, which gives you more Word of Glory's (Words of Glory? Word of Glories?). Stacking Strength gives you more Attack Power, which increases the healing on Word of Glory.

Personally, I'm making it a habit to go pure Strength, unless there is a +10 Strength socket bonus. If so, I'm going Strength+Mastery in Yellow, and Strength+Hit in Blue.

Resilience is... meh, right now. I have just under 2700, and I've had a Fury Warrior turn to me and crit for a combined 52k damage. Stamina might prolong your life, but it won't shorten your opponent's, or help you heal more. Soaking damage and recovering damage are different.

Hit Cap (5%) > Strength > Mastery > Crit > Haste. You want some Expertise, sure, but it's expensive. If someone parries your Templar's Verdict, they only delayed it. Now you can choose whether to step back and heal with WoG, or redo the TV. Doesn't waste the Holy Power, so it isn't all that bad. Reforge for Hit, unless you find a Blue Socket with +Strength anyways. The goal is to get as close to 5.00% hit as you can. Going over isn't that bad, though, as it might help out against Night Elves. But 5% is the general goal.

I'm not a gladiator, but the logic makes sense to me at least, and it's treating me well thus far.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I would put strength even above hit, because our coefficeint on strength is so extraordinarily high. But that's just me.

Should be able to cap hit without giving up any strength, anyway.
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01/08/2011 8:51 PMPosted by Carmie
I would put strength even above hit, because our coefficeint on strength is so extraordinarily high. But that's just me.

Should be able to cap hit without giving up any strength, anyway.

with reforging yes, and with engineering goggles yes.
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