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Hey all,

Pain Vendor is recruiting casual/serious players to join our guild of friendly, helpful people. We are looking for all classes and roles to fill out our core raiding groups, PVP, clear old content (Vanilla, BC, WotLK raids, etc), and enjoy the game together.

We're a level 9 guild (10% xp buff, 5% rep buff, 15 min hearth, -20% durability dmg, etc.) at the time of this posting, we have 7 tabs, a vent, and a guild website at www.painvendor.com . We don't tolerate drama for the sake of drama. We typically use the Suicide Kings loot system in progression runs, but stick to need/greed for older content.

We mostly run in the evenings (8pm and later) but if you're looking to run earlier in the day, we encourage folks to post runs on the calendar any time they want to run. If you're looking to take an active role as a raid leader, or guild officer, those options are always open.

We're currently working to clear heroics and getting ready to raid the Cataclysm content. We'll help you gear up and get gemmed and enchanted, but we won't do it all for you. You should take an active role in helping us help you. If you join up just to take advantage of nice people, we can sniff that out fairly quickly and it won't be tolerated. Expect to help others, as you are also being helped.

If you're interested in more information, please contact me via in-game methods, or register at our website forums and drop a quick application in.

Thanks for checking us out, and good luck!
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Quite simply one of the greatests guilds EVER!!!!

(I am slightly biased)
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
Still looking for good players with great attitude. Edited OP for Guild level, we'll be level 10 before this weekend.

We're one or two players away from jumping into raids.

Friday nights we're clearing Ulduar Hard modes for drakes and to unlock Algalon the Observer.

Contact any officer in-game for more info, or visit our site!
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