Alliance Boycott Tol Barad


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I'll admit, my point was a bit invalidated last night. When I went to bed we didn't have it, when I woke up we did. Anyone want to predict when it changes hands again?

My point stands though, the battle is flawed. Horde couldn't win today in full battles anymore than Allies could all week.

When it changes hands again, I bet the battle is very late at night and less than 10people in the battle.
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I believe it gives it randomly at server reset, I could be wrong on this though.

However, there tends to be a horde guild that runs TB in the dead of night, which is the reason why Horde tend to have it first thing in the mornings.

Point blank:
TB is broken. Those who defend it, if they know what they are doing/are being told and following what's being told, then they can't really lose.

The Horde have a zerging process:
1. Attack as many at the beginning.
2. After having the Alliance spread out, attack one as a large group.
  • This tends to work on killing out the people in that block. However, depending on the build of the team that is there, we could give the others time to go and re-cap a base. A team of 10 or so was able to hold back the majority of the Horde for about 5 minutes last night. During that time, we were able to re-cap a base (we still died though, but not in vain).

  • 3. They tend to move around in a circle. Sometimes you'll find one or two trickling in, trying to bring you outside to find them as the team attacks from another direction or as the team is on its way there.

    It's annoying as hell, and is a fairly good strat since they tend to be able to get to 2/3 before we have to rush for one of their bases for a re-cap.

    The only way to really win is to have an opposing team not know what to do, if you're the attacker.
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    Guess what! When Alliance have it all day, the horde @*#*@ and moan and say the same thing. Omg!
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    01/10/2011 9:43 PMPosted by Cirus
    Guess what! When Alliance have it all day, the horde @*#*@ and moan and say the same thing. Omg!
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    86 Goblin Priest
    01/07/2011 2:10 PMPosted by Simmacus
    Why can't we just be fair to each other. We attack we win, horde attack horde wins. So much better, 2 hours to do dailies on each side, 1800 honor on each side, thats every 4 hours you can run in there and get 1800 honor, but no horde just want to keep getting 180, fine by me, I don't do those dailies anyways, but heck Id like to get some honor on my alts. Seriously, Blizz made it so we get so much more honor, use that, until they change the whole mechanic of the fight and decrease the honor from it again.

    Why bother fighting at all? Let us all hold hands and sing together. World of Peacecraft.
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    you have one ugly mug
    85 Undead Rogue
    Put poisons on, then Fan of Knives EVERYONE YAY! POISONS FOR ALL!
    90 Human Warrior
    01/31/2011 6:47 PMPosted by Cirus
    Put poisons on, then Fan of Knives EVERYONE YAY! POISONS FOR ALL!

    You're such a giver :D

    I'll just stay prot and lolstun til I can fear again.
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    There doesn't seem to be a problem with TB not changing hands often during the first few days of the week after the reset.

    It looks like people start having issues trying to win TB on Sunday and Monday when most people have already run Baradin Hold for the week and just dont care enough to really try to get TB anymore until the next reset.
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    so many things in tol barad now look like boston just cuz of the word boycott now.....
    90 Troll Death Knight
    I like it when alli gets mad about us winning tol barad, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside
    This is adorable
    90 Tauren Death Knight
    *nods from behind newspaper* thats nice dear
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