Hello all,

I suppose before I can ask anyone to offer an 82 a position in their guild, I should provide some context. I'm a new re-roll onto this server, and I have a 80 Prot Pally, and this 82 Surv Hunter. I'm looking for a pretty good guild, progression based, that'll at the very least try me out.

Preferably I'd like to raid 6-Xpm server time, around three times a week (weekends are fine). I'm asking now instead of when I hit 85 because I figure since I'm still questing, looted gold and guild experience will contribute to the guild of my staying. I understand that I'll be a trial, and a non-raiding member until I hit 85 and go through some testing.

I see a lot of guilds posting 'recruitment' ad's here, but I didn't want to waste their/your time if they're not willing to consider an 82 for the time being... Just let me know, and keep me informed.

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