Anyone from Vanilla still play?

Been playing Este since Vanilla, IDK how.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I've played since vanilla, few different names for my druid (Genraek, Mutaté, Dipshift, Ræk, Qxc), but also on my lock Raekgen.
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Aldune Here, don't know if anyone recalls me prob not. Changed Faction and name, Thinking about coming back to Kargath
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90 Human Priest
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
12/18/2012 11:08 PMPosted by Nurf
Aldune Here, don't know if anyone recalls me prob not. Changed Faction and name, Thinking about coming back to Kargath

Not with that name you aren't. Imposter Nurf.
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85 Draenei Shaman
I used to go by "Litheya" in vanilla. That said, I don't currently play.

Still, nice to see so many familiar names here.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Been around since Vanilla, though not day 1, I was dragged in about hmm 4 or so months after release.

So many names, and a few guilds...

Lets see, back then I started out originally on my first hunter(now deleted, made a new one) Vjc(now Magojiro). I was in a couple small no name guilds originally that nobody may recognise.

I had a long stay in Tears of Vengeance as Epolican(rogue), later moved to MAYHEM for a time as Nacilope(shaman), then to Band of Hawk, and the old OverRaided as Chanku(druid)/Tiesu(death knight). Moved over to Lex Talionis for a time as Ezekio(paladin)/Veroku(warrior), which later merged with the old OverRaided, to form its current incarnation. And as you can now see playing Sangha my monk.


Vjc(now Magojiro), Epolican, Nacilope, Chanku, Tiesu, Ezekio, Veroku, Sangha. In guilds Tears of Vengeance, MAYHEM, Band of Hawk, OverRaided(old), Lex Talionis, OverRaided(current)

There are other toons/guilds, but none really worth mentioning.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Been playing since day 1. Started with a mage named Mandrict through TBC. WotLK hit and I tanked for a bit on my warrior Maelinna and then switched to dps on my hunter Mandrict (different server) then started healing on my druid in ToC and that is who I have played since. I have been in so many guilds :P

On Deaths Door Step
Drunken Soilders
Second Chances
Synergy Legion
Original Champions
La Nuova Legacy
Shadow Wrath
Herein Fail Not
Sleep Walkers
Bloodsworn (Current)

And Prob a few other that I forgot to mention or forgot about.
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90 Human Warlock
I have been on this server since 2005. Frag has always been my main. Been in a few guilds which many might know like Thunder down under and Sleepwalkers. Been with Lucidity now for about 2 years. Lots of changed yet there are still a few of my old wow friends who still play. Couple of them are in my guild right now and it is always fun talking about those old 40 man MC raids...
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85 Gnome Warlock
Been playing since a week or so after launch. Started off with my druid Greenfire and then levelled this guy and started raiding shortly afterwards. Just started playing again on a very very casual level, but that doesn't diminish the mind numbing numbers I see when I type /played. I guess when I have a 90 of every class and stop playing around with the new pokemon game, I'll drift back into retirement again :-)
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90 Blood Elf Mage
I still play, though this character was started in BC (obviously), I only got to lvl 48 before BC hit though, and then I rerolled a BElf, so I'm not as vanilla as others, but I did have a character on my friend's account since launch.
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100 Dwarf Monk
Been playing since the vanilla beta usually under a dwarf with the name <something>beard (stormbeard, ironbeard, thunderbeard, etc.)
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100 Night Elf Druid
I started November of 2006, but I do consider myself a Vanilla player. I did not raid Vanilla though. Most of my 1-60 leveling was in Vanilla content before TBC came out.

In any event, back in my directionally challenged "youth," I came across a few server Nameds:

I think that was the first time I saw a world raid.
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90 Human Monk
Vanilla here.

Malmordia was my warriors name in Caustic.

There are about 6ish of us former caustic in our current 10man.
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90 Human Mage
been playing on kargath since day 1 back in the M for Mature days on my warrior Seagulls. Play my druid Cellen now
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90 Orc Warrior
I was a raider in vanilla with a NE with this name until I gave my account away to a friend.
I was in Titans of Azeroth, Supreme Raiders, Dragon Tears.
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100 Troll Druid
Been on this character since vanilla. Raided with Titans of Azeroth, Bloodsworn and the short lived Aesir.
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90 Undead Mage
Just got back to the game after a very long hiatus.. but i have been playing kargath since release :)
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100 Tauren Druid
02/10/2013 01:43 AMPosted by Discombobula
Just got back to the game after a very long hiatus.. but i have been playing kargath since release :)

Holy crap.... MFR and Refraction days. Welcome back!
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