Looking for a guild (A)

85 Worgen Druid
Hi, I am looking for a friendly guild that raids 2-4 times a week, on the times between 7pm - 12am.

I'm currently spec'd heals/tank, though I have a decent feral dps set.

All my gear is preraid, and my Ilevel is 349. I'm currently a max-level enchanter, and almost done leveling skinning (just dropped eng).

My experience with the current raid content is none-so-far, but I do not have problems going and reading up on the fights.

My pre-Cata raid experience includes having been a raider from Molten Core through ICC.
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90 Human Warrior
You can throw in an application to evildeedsincorporated.com

Sign Up > Head to Recruitment Forums.
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100 Night Elf Priest
Grandmaster Gods Guildmaster: Governess/Governêss
Horde and Alliance leveling/teaching guilds
Founded on November of 2006
Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, everytime all the time
Level 25

Dear Readers:

If you are looking for a old time leveling/teaching guild , we are still around. We are located in Thrall Alliance side, the guild is called Grandmaster Gods and Thrall Horde side, the Grandmaster of War. I founded the guild on November of 2006.

If you are interested in a truly organized guild to help players level, teach, run, dungeon, quest, PvP, and raid. Please notify me ingame mail or ask one of the officers for an invite to the guild. Thank you.

Guildmaster of the Grandmaster Gods and Grandmaster of War

huh? You necro'd a thread created in Jan 2011 to spew stupidity? " I founded the guild on November of 2006." You founded it on November? It took you a month?

Secondly, your post makes as much sense as Priestnub joining me for 2's.
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