Interested in Rated BG's?

90 Goblin Rogue
So i have a fairly solid 10-12 man crew already who plays monday n wednesday at 10pm PST. What i am looking for is people to fill spots when needed or when it is 15 mans. I am comprising a list so things go a little more smothly for us. I am also interested in running random pick up groups on my days off Friday/Saturdays at random times. So if you are interested here is what im after:

Who we (our group) are: is MOSTLY old school Vendetta members from BC, some of whom are still there, others in Odyssey etc.

First off i realize skill can make up for lack of gear, but unless you know me or someone close to me that can vouch, then unfortunately you are going to need to look useful.

-Well equipped or well on your way and working hard at getting pvp geared.
-Healers 2k MINIMUM resil for consideration.
-Ventrilo with a HEADSET (no annoying welfare speaker/mic setups)
-The ability to follow directions and not tunnel vision.
-Leave your ideas in your head unless we're discussing strats, we already have game plans. We play a very agressive offensive game. DPS heavy, 1 healer per 5 typically.
-No welfare gemming/enchanting obviously i dont expect to see maelstrom enchants on trash blue pvp gear, hopefully you get the idea.
-Able to tolerate alot of $#!T talking and colorful language on vent.

Right now i am looking to add some names to my list so i can work torwards our group being a well oiled machine with minimal downtime if people have to leave when we are playing.

Bring your best email me in game @ Xanathar and we'll see what happens. We have just started getting into the rated bg's so dont judge this book by its cover as i will have to do to you lol. If this sounds a bit condescending thats ok thats just how it is.

See you around!!!
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90 Goblin Rogue
All that to say i spelled Odyssey wrong lol? Thanks for the bump.
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85 Troll Rogue
Hello? Is anyone there? Can I still join your rated beegee team? I want to join your rated beegee team so I can earn a rated beegee rank because you get cool titles. Ok thanks for making this forum post. Thanks again. Ok bye.
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85 Orc Shaman
I want in aaaannnndddddd bump
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90 Orc Hunter
I'm down for a little rBG pug action. Our guild plays T/R so this works out well. Just pst in game, usually on this hunter or Desiredeath (DK). I'll add you to friends list. Peace.
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88 Troll Shaman
I'm looking for a 15's

~2090 RBG Rated

Restoration Shaman

Hit me up in-game, the funny à is ALT-133. I can bring a few high rated people also from time to time.
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85 Undead Warrior
Add myself in with Darkangelos. We will bring some serious firepower to your groups.

Also my paladin alt Blackhôrn

the ê in glave is 0234

the ô in blackhorn is 0244
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Im interested :0
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100 Undead Rogue
Im Barrack obama and i approve this message
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