You might find it fun to experience the game at a slow pace or have no interest in raiding what so ever.

Achievement crazy? we help with that.
NSFW chatting? we have that.
Intellectual conversations with people over the age of 25? we do that.
Patient and understanding members to ask help from? we are them.

The guild leader and myself have been playing WoW since it hit the shelves. We are proud of the fact that we wish to experience the game in a more social, exploratory and family oriented way.

Being Vanilla babies we have accumulated a group of friends that come from many different guilds which raid and pvp, and they are always welcome to questions about such things.

We have a total of about 10 real life guild members with an average online amount of 2-3 We have a website but to be honest I have been lazy and it sucks. We don't have a vent of our own but we have access to a friends.

We would like to send out some invitations to like minded individuals or couples that are looking for fun and nothing else.
If you would like to be apart of our little guild please don't be shy send Uluahewa or myself a whisper or if we are offline send us an in game mail and we will get back to you asap.