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100 Troll Priest
O hai dere.

Let me tell you about my fabulous guild, the Covenant! We've been around since BC and I think we're one of two guilds horde side that hasn't exploded since then, so that must mean we're good, right?

Uh, sure.

We're a casual guild, we raid at our own pace, and we're definitely not gunning for any sort of server firsts. We love to make alts, troll trade, and some of us even like to PvP! But most of all, we are a friendly group of people (mostly, Dook's not a person) that love to joke and rag on one another. We are also a fairly large guild, and have lots of perks! We're guild level 23 so we've unlocked quite a bit. :)

So! With that said, we are looking for a few people to maybe try running 2 10 man teams. We have plenty of willing DPS and tanks but we are pretty tight on healers. We've killed 9/12 in the current Cata content, so we're not complete failures, but I will state again that we are not hardcore raiders and if you are looking for a progression guild, close the window right now (or troll my post, I like that). So, if you are

*A disc priest, or any other healer (but we don't have a raiding disc priest, just my bad holy self)
*An elemental shaman
*A mage
*A boomkin
*A DK (I know...we don't have any raiding DKs, isn't that sad? We're scrubs)
*A tank of some sort

With a good sense of humor and who realizes that this is something we do for fun and not to make ourselves feel like we're internet heroes, we'd be interested in hearing from you! Please be advised that our guild chat is not child friendly and if you are offended by people talking about Waloro and Dook's love affair and their actions involved with one another, or other such conversation, you may not feel comfortable here.

Ragging on the guild leader for being a troll is encouraged and supported.

If you are interested in our fine, long standing establishment, please contact me on Raziya or one of my 9 other toons, or contact any one of my officers (Rekthar, Erinaya, Rastus, Darmoch, Padook, Chantico, Rharg, Ceras, Zelgodas, Mikee, and I am probably forgetting someone who is gonna punch me in the face later).

http://covenant.tripleozero.com as well if you would like to drop in a post on our forum! Don't worry, we won't make fun of you anywhere other than the officer forum where you won't see it. :)
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90 Undead Mage
(Rekthar, Erinaya, Rastus, Darmoch, Padook, Chantico, Rharg, Ceras, Zelgodas,Mikee, and I am probably forgetting someone who is gonna punch me in the face later).

Only part of this thread anyone cares about, AMIRITE?
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90 Tauren Death Knight
No raiding death knights, eh? QQ
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85 Human Priest
What you did there.

I see it.
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