[H] Holy pally LF raiding spot for 2 weeks

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My guild currently isnt raiding and we dont always have the right or enough people on to raid and I"m looking for a guild that I can fill a spot to heal for a couple weeks until we pick up. I'm hearing we will pick up the 25th. I have experience in magmaw & halfus (not kills) and I've watched videos of many other encounters. The only ones I have not watched is chimeraon (fully), maloriak (know nothing) & cho'gall. I also do not know much about al'akir and I have watched a few videos of conclave but I'm not experienced in it.

As you can see I have watched many many videos of valiona & theralion, ascendant council, nefarian, atramedes, magmaw, omnitron. In saying this I do not know these encounters by heart or would say experienced but when the encounter comes up I'll most likely know what to do rather than going into it blindly and having to hold back the raid.

I will say again I'm only looking for a spot for 2 weeks and I'm not looking for a guild.

I'm currently in 90% 346 with the exception of my relic and my second trinket. (my belt is soon to be upgraded as I have 1 bar away from exalted ramhaken.

My experience for holy pally healing dates back to beginning TBC during its release until 2.3. I was in an active raiding guild and I was one of the top holy pallys on the realm cho'gall. I came back in 3.3.3 forgetting my account info so all is lost on that. I will not state our progression as nobody cares about that now that its cataclysm

I currently do not have any locks to any raids and I wish to save my baradin hold lock for later this week to see if my guild wants to at least push that.

My raiding times are pretty open as long as I know ahead of time. Also I am not looking for a guild just stepping into raiding as if I wanted to do that I'd gather up some random 85's in my guild and jump in with them. I'm looking for a spot that is experienced and I can expect to progress.

EDIT: I also would like to bring my friend which is a warlock named sebastiani. He is over geared for pre-raid and he currently pulls at least 11k dps on mobile fights and 13k+ dps in non-mobile fights. He has as much experience with his class as I do and is a pretty experienced raider.
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