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New Player Tips is a recurring feature on our community blog wherein we ask veteran World of Warcraft players to post advice on various in-game topics. To help keep this blog series as relevant and informative as possible, we want to know what sort of topics you'd like to see tackled. Maybe you want to learn more about macros, or how to approach Arenas for the first time. If you think certain material might be helpful for beginners, let us know!

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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Macros would be a great starting point, in my opinion. :) They can be quite daunting at first, particularly since you're writing off a blank slate. A guide for how players can access macros, what they can do with them, and what syntax makes them work would be quite nice.

The first time I got into macros, I just played around and made really annoying pieces to whisper random stuff to buddies. When I started to play with them a bit more, I found that they could be great tools for really cutting down on repetitive actions and making life a bit simpler. Some macros that I personally use (but didn't necessarily create on my own; credit to the original makers!) are...

A macro that toggles a players' hat on and off. Great when used in conjunction with the equipment manager:

/run ShowHelm(not ShowingHelm())

A macro for the Argent Tournament that allows you to throw your spears at the North Sea Kraken by using it, or using it while holding "alt" to throw your spears at the deep callers:

#showtooltip Flaming Spears
/targetexact [nodead,mod:alt] Kvaldir Deepcaller; [nodead] North Sea Kraken
/cast Flaming Spears
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

A fantastic hunter misdirection macro that casts MD on your focus target, or if you have no focus target, your pet:

#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [@focus,help] Misdirection; [help] Misdirection; [@pet,exists] Misdirection

While the kraken one wouldn't exactly affect new players, having a basic know-how of macros can make WoW life substantially more enjoyable. I would have loved to have had that misdirection macro while leveling, and a button to toggle the display of my helm without going through the interface menu would have been a fun little perk.
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97 Human Paladin
Talent points are always a great thing to help out a new player with. Usually very thankful for explaining it in-depth.
85 Night Elf Druid
Ideas about playing outside your class might be helpful. IE: You're a Ret paladin and you see the tank dying and the healer is OOM, what should you do to help the group?
Maybe make it like a series on how you can be an MVP?
71 Goblin Rogue
01/12/2011 10:16 PMPosted by Grizzles
Best new player NOT roll a druid...they are being phased out of the game


Anyways, yes I think general and class specific macros would be incredibly helpful.
Grouping with others would be a great topic IMO, the basics of what to expect and how to behave, whether in dungeons or while out questing.

The basics of stats might be worth a visit as well, what to look for and what to avoid, how much to care at which levels, how/when/why to go about improving them, like that.
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85 Human Warlock
A topic about dungeons would be great. It could cover things such as group etiquette, how various loot systems work and explain the different roles (tank, healer and damage dealers). I remember as a new player, entering my first dungeon was a great experience but there was also a lot to learn.

I'd also like to suggest allowing players to write up guides that we could submit to be considered as a possible blog post.
85 Troll Death Knight
-fire / clouds / lightning / pretty much anything that looks unnatural that appears on the ground during a fight is 98% of the time BAD to stand in, not so much that it'll kill you (until you hit cata instances anyways), but it will tax the healers mana pool with un-needed healing.

-plan ahead what you want to do while leveling and read the talents in your talent trees and look in your spellbook, some talents will be useless outside of pvp areas, whereis others wont be usefull till you get later game spells.

-dps, when entering an instance, right click the tank and set them as your focus. dps can use this to focus their target and not draw aggro.

-misdirect / tricks of the trade. they can be the difference between a wipe and win. pat rolls in that the tank didnt see? stick them to the tank.

-macro wise; im not too big on macro's besides a couple basics on my lock and tanking macros on this guy. try going to the macro part of, even if you dont plan on pvp, some of them are nice for questing/groups (aka, mouse over macro's for cc abilities)
85 Worgen Death Knight
Macro's would be a great topic, it took me a long time to gather what I know about macro's. Little nuggets like /cast is used for spells and abilities while /use is for trinkets,foods,potions, ect just opens the whole thing up. Once i learned that piece of info I could write all kinds of usefull stuff.
What does #showtooltip do and why would you use it. Stuff like that.
90 Draenei Priest
I know this is a bit off-topic - I just can't help myself. ;)

If you just want the refined macro, scroll down to the capital letters. :)

01/12/2011 7:04 PMPosted by Kodiack
A fantastic hunter misdirection macro that casts MD on your focus target, or if you have no focus target, your pet:

#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [@focus,help] Misdirection; [help] Misdirection; [@pet,exists] Misdirection

A quick refinement, to help cut down on space (this isn't really necessary here, but helps a lot with macros that, for instance, allow the use of multiple spells).

First, you don't need to repeat the name of the spell (and use the semicolons) unless you're casting different spells depending on the condition. So this works just as well:

/cast [@focus,help][help][@pet,exists] Misdirection

The parser will go down the line of conditions and pick the first one that's true. Unfortunately, that leads to the second refinement: if none of the conditions are true, the spell won't fire. But we can get around this with an empty condition:

/cast [@focus,help][help][@pet,exists][ ] Misdirection

The empty condition (note the space between the brackets) says, "If none of the other conditions are true, cast this spell as if I'd clicked on its icon in my spellbook".

The macro now reads "If I have a focus defined and my focus is an ally, cast Misdirection on my focus; OR, if I don't have a focus defined and my current target is an ally, cast Misdirection on my current target; OR, if I don't have a focus and my current target isn't an ally and my pet exists, cast Misdirection on my pet; OR, if none of those is true, cast Misdirection normally."

But there's one more tweak. The [exists] condition doesn't care if the specified unit is alive or dead. So if you don't have a focus, you're targeting an enemy, and your pet is dead, the macro will try to cast on your pet and fail. We can get around that, though, with the "dead" condition (specifically its anti-condition, "nodead", which does just what it seems like it ought to and implies "exists" to boot):


/cast [@focus,help][help][@pet,nodead][ ] Misdirection

which says, "If I have a focus and it's friendly, cast on my focus; OR if my current target is friendly, cast on my target; OR if my pet is out and not dead, cast on my pet; OR if none of those is true, cast normally."


I use this sort of conditional chain to great effect for healing macros; it's especially good for combining different spells into a single keybind by using the [mod:<modifier key>] condition:

#showtooltip [mod:ctrl] Binding Heal; Flash Heal
/cast [mod:ctrl,@mouseover,help][mod:ctrl,@focus,help][mod:ctrl] Binding Heal; [mod:alt,@player][@mouseover,help][@focus,help][ ] Flash Heal

which says:

  • If I'm holding Control and mousing over a friendly unit, cast Binding Heal on that unit; OR

  • If I'm holding Control and I have a friendly focus, cast Binding Heal on my focus; OR

  • If I'm holding Control, and not mousing over a friendly target, and I don't have a friendly focus, cast Binding Heal straight out of the spellbook; OR

  • If I'm NOT holding Control but AM holding Alt, cast Flash Heal on me; OR

  • If I'm holding neither Control nor Alt and my mouse is over a friendly unit, cast Flash Heal on that unit; OR

  • If I'm holding neither Control nor Alt and my mouse is not over a friendly target and I have a friendly focus, cast Flash Heal on my focus; OR

  • If none of the above is true, cast Flash Heal straight out of the spellbook.

Powerful stuff. :)
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74 Troll Mage
I think getting into some of the details that some players know, but that aren't really necessarily needed in the normal leveling scheme would be nice. Things like making sure projected textures (if I remember the nomenclature right) are turned on so you can SEE the fire people are warning you about stepping in. Focus targets and how to set them up and use them. There's probably a truckload of little things that experienced players use so often without thinking that can make a difference for a new player. It's the little things you might run into when you reinstall, like turning auto-loot on, that can make a difference.

It might also be helpful to go over recommended mods. Ideally no mods are needed, but there are some that are practically community expectations that it'd be worth mentioning (like DBM). I suppose that's a fuzzy area, as Blizzard probably doesn't want to be seen as favoring some mods over others.
85 Goblin Warlock
Im not sure why so many are worried about posting macro's for "new players". I never used a macro until i was in my first raiding guild back when BC came out.

New Player tips should include-

Understanding the in game economy " I didnt even know there was an AH for the fist 2-3 weeks i played" If a player Understands he/she can make there way very easy by using the ah then we all benefit. From that last gem you needed for your low level jewel crafting to the pet you always wanted. Lots of things drop in azeroth and sometimes they never make it to the market.

Racial Bonuses- There is alot of players that after 2-3 months of playing find out that a different Race can benefit there class more and end up rerolling/starting all over. Just to make the same class but the race that benefits there class the most. But on the entire other hand there are 60-85s out there that still have no idea that x class is a way better choice for there hunter then a tauren.

Guilds- New players now more then ever should have information on what a guild can do for them, with all the new "cata" features leveling can be alot more fun when you have %5+ exp bonuses. Not to mention its alot easier to get help you need for that group quest in Ghostlands if you are in a guild that has active friendly people in it.

Thats just a few of many tips that could help a "new" player coming into Azeroth for the first time.
80 Blood Elf Paladin
01/13/2011 12:07 AMPosted by Jakjak
Grouping with others would be a great topic IMO, the basics of what to expect and how to behave, whether in dungeons or while out questing.

Actually, I would discourage this type of post. This topic is subject to one person's own personal opinion. For example: You start telling people that you can only Need if it's correct for your spec. This is incorrect, as it is a player-driven mechanic, and the NBG system does not take spec into consideration.

Conversely, while I know Blizzard might not let this kind of post go live, but you could find a person who has much "looser" morals than the general player base. They could be offering advice on behavior that not only would draw the ire of a great many people, but could also cross the line into ToU violations.

Best to stick with factual posts, and not try to pull in opinions on what the community expects. Expectations can vary greatly from one player to the next.

The basics of stats might be worth a visit as well, what to look for and what to avoid, how much to care at which levels, how/when/why to go about improving them, like that.

But I do like this idea. For lower levels, a general overview on what to look for to help your class. And for 85's, a look at what certain classes need to be "capped".

Also, I like the idea of having a blog to guide new players through non-starting zones. Not necessarily a step-by-step guide of how to, say, do every quest in Durotar. But more of a general guide of how to be more efficient in your questing and professions.
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01/13/2011 7:16 AMPosted by Madisón
Best to stick with factual posts, and not try to pull in opinions on what the community expects. Expectations can vary greatly from one player to the next.

That applies to any topic covering advice from experienced players to new players, including how to be more efficient while questing (which they've already covered) or working on professions.

In a group setting, many things may be opinion and/or community expectations, but it's also solid advice. Learning how the roles are performed, using basic manners, being aware of surroundings -- many standard expectations have become such for a reason, like not breaking CC or allowing the tank to establish aggro.

I understand what you're saying, but not all responses are going to be objective and remain in the viewpoint of a new player rather than a veteran at maxed level, regardless of the topic. The main point of these blogs is to offer advice, so opinions are going to appear.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
01/13/2011 3:50 AMPosted by Gimu
is a good macro to set up for a lot of abilities. For things like Blind, which is short duration and breaks on-hit, it's neccesary to keep the Party announce; but for things like Interrupts or Stuns you can just do away with the second line.
(%f types the name of your current focus; %t types the name of your current target)

I actually used to a similar line in my MD macro. :P I used /e instead of /p, though. I did find that it got rather annoying when I was out in the open MDing to my pet, though, and I'm sure people thought I was strange for constantly misdirecting to <no focus>, hehe.

A fantastic thing to bring up, though. Placing %F in a macro is a great way of keeping up the communication in an encounter.
One does not demand respect. One earns it.
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- World of Warcraft
100 Blood Elf Hunter
Here's an idea that might be rather specific, but would have helped me greatly when I first started playing Cerylia here--how to control your pet!

Explain how each of the settings work (Aggressive, Defensive, Passive) and what situations you would want to use them in (and when NOT to use them). Explain how the specific commands work (Attack, Follow, Stay, and the new Move To ability) and how to use them in conjunction with the settings to get your pet to move or behave how you want.

A particularly important topic to explain, I think, is the ability to toggle on or off autocasting for your pet. For the longest time I didn't realize that the sparkling border on the attacks meant anything, and up until level 30 or so my pets had Growl and Cower on at the same time (back when Cower dropped threat on the pet). I honestly had no idea that pets were supposed to tank far better than the performance my pets were giving, due to the fact that Growl and Cower were canceling one another out...

While that situation isn't really an issue today, I still see new hunters who are confused about why that Prowling cat of theirs is so slow and always invisible, or causing havoc accidentally in dungeons by letting their pet pull aggro off the tank when it shouldn't. All because the ability to toggle off autocasting (with a simple right click) isn't explained in the game. (If it is, I haven't seen it myself.) It would really help, I think!

These tips, of course, could be expanded more generally for warlock demons, Frost mage elementals, and even the temporary pets like Shadowfiends, Spirit Wolves, and such. :)
Tips on how CC works, and how CC can optimally be used in a dungeon.
85 Orc Death Knight
The talent tree is really important but i guess it all depends on wat ur gonna be doin but i only hav the time to tell u about dungeons. there r 3 different types of roles in a dungeon:

TANK-the tank will gather all the agro from the monster so that none of the other players r getting attacked. most common classes for tanking r warriors and pally's but u do see the occasional druid or DK. taking all the agro makes it easier for heals to do their job.

HEALS-the healer in the group will obviously heals the ally's when they r gettin low on health but for the healer to succeed in their job they need to pay close attention to their ally's health bars.the best classes in my opinion r holy paladins and resto druids i think that priest r doin well as DPS but thats my opinion

DPS-the DPS is a damage role DPS r meant to do more damage than the tank without takin the agro but if u hav a little bit of agro and u aren't pissing off the tank then thats fine...any class can que for the DPS role but u will mainly see players like rouges, hunters, priests, mages and even the occasional druid or DK.

hope my info has helped u out hav fun playin WoW :D
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