Stumped: Where are the Large Fangs?

38 Worgen Rogue
As many of you know, with the changes in Cataclysm the drop rates for many materials have greatly decrease in the usual farming areas. My particular little headache is Large Fang. After spending hours in the old areas, checking AH constantly and repeated WTB requests, i have no fangs. I have checked Wowhead and other sites, but they are not updated or did not pan out. So, i appeal to you my fellow players: Does anyone know where Large Fangs Drop?
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I am assuming for jewelcrafting. When I leveled mine, I found most off the wolves in hinterlands, iirc. However, I didn't make too many because of the drop rate (same with the items that require the troll mojo because I didn't want to farm it).

Whether the wolves in hinterlands still drop fangs or not, I don't know but that is where I found them.
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100 Human Death Knight
They changed the drop on these. They don't seem to drop from overworld mobs any more, but you can still get them from dungeons. Try the nerubians in Razorfen Downs, and the bats in Razorfen Kraul.
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
I got one off the bats in Razorfen Kraul, but the drop rate seems to be exceedingly low.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
In my search, I discovered raptors have about six different sizes of teeth. None of them can be used to craft Barbaric Bracers for my alt, unfortunately.
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I have my banking alt scan for these regularly (spider's silk too) and snap up whatever I can find. There's never enough, and WAY too many recipes that require one or the other. Blizzard really messed up these drop rates big time. You can only craft the stuff for your own use too, because there's no way to break even on these mats trying to sell the products.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
I have the same problem, not being able to find Large Fang. I looked it up and all the beasts and locations have been removed with Cata. Really irritating, but I suppose if there's still recipes that require it, they wouldn't remove them completely.
Good luck finding them! Hopefully we can all find some.
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75 Dwarf Shaman
Highland Fleshstalkers in Arathi Highlands drop these. The drop rate for me is still low (1-3 fangs per hour of farming when I go).
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05/18/2011 03:00 AMPosted by Celestriah
Highland Fleshstalkers in Arathi Highlands drop these. The drop rate for me is still low (1-3 fangs per hour of farming when I go).

It is the only spot reliable to get some sadly.
It took me over 1 hour to get enough for a bracer.
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83 Blood Elf Paladin
Well, I think trade may have some. Hopefully someone like me who has altaholic could check their alts banks. Its surprising what someone can squirrel away, I found a few stacks of khorium, a couple stacks of wildvine, and a few large fangs after reading here how hard they are nowadays. I sold them off to people looking for them in trade to try to help them out.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
05/18/2011 04:27 AMPosted by Aratcom
Highland Fleshstalkers in Arathi Highlands drop these. The drop rate for me is still low (1-3 fangs per hour of farming when I go).

It is the only spot reliable to get some sadly.
It took me over 1 hour to get enough for a bracer.

Same experience here. By the time I was done with 4 Large Fangs, I had over 100 of each of the following: Raptor Eggs, Medium Leather, and Raptor Flesh, and almost 50 Raptor Flesh. I had similar amounts (~100) of junk feathers, teeth, and meat, but destroyed those to make room for the AH-able items.

Make sure you are killing the spiders for the chance at some silk and because they share respawn locations.
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100 Tauren Druid
I was also frustrated with the low drop rate (or lack of previous mobs that did). I have found out that you can also get them from the scarlet tracking hounds located inside Scarlet Monestary Library. However, it's ridiculously low, and may not be worth the waste of the 5 instance per hour rule. I was about to get 2-3 in 10 runs. There are only 7-8 dogs in the instance (near the entrance).
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89 Orc Hunter
God knows Blizzard will probably not fix this prior to the next Xpac. They will just ignore it until they feel like getting around to it. This kind of lack of accountability is becoming ver y common for Blizzard.

Although there will be no blue response to this thread, I am very confident they will not appreciate my criticism and proceed to delete this comment.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
i cant find any
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100 Draenei Warrior
I'd call out in trade chat for bank alts. I had 10 in my bank when Cata hit and have sold them since I had no use for them.

What exactly do you need them for? There have to be other recipes/patterns available that don't need the fangs or else there would be a lot more of them in the AH.
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90 Tauren Paladin
Large fangs drop off the fat vampires
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27 Gnome Rogue
Highland Fleshstalkers in Arathi are the best place. Now please don't necro, start a new thread.
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90 Human Mage
I just skipped that item and leveled other things to get past it. Large Fangs are not worth your time. sorry.
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90 Human Warrior
these fangs are nessary if you want your level 29 huntards to have great pvp wrists
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100 Human Warlock
heh.. found 4 stacks in my old banker alts bank... was surprised to see all the good stuff I saved on him.
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