I'm on my knees begging.. for help

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I am having Computer/WoW problems and no one will give me the time of day to post or help me. I know what your thinking there is a technical support forum for this. I have made 3 posts there already and kept my thread bumped for almost a week with no reply. SO now I rely on the wonderful TUB.

I live in Alaska and yes my internet is sub par usually sitting around 300-400ms on a good day. The problem I'm having lately though is kinda random and inconsistent. One day its one thing the other day its another.

These are the problems I'm experiencing on a daily basis:

Currently I log into Wow I get a full bar of loading screen can hear the Orgrimmar music in background but I DC or I DC and get error #132.

Another problem is I'll be sitting at 323ms which is not DC bad BAM all of a sudden I get Dc'ed and then I cant even get to my character list. The only way for me to log back in is to make a new character watch the entire cinematic then log off and try to log on to my main works 70% of the time.

I've ran Wow repair
Deleted Interface/wtf/cache folders
Disabled ALL addons
have port forwarding enabled for WoW in case it was a port issue.
Re-installed windows 7 in case of virus/Trojans
I've updated all my drivers

I've been playing WoW for 5 years now and have never ran into so many problems than I have the past month.

Is anyone out there experiencing the same issues?

Also does anyone here play WoW in Alaska and have the Internet service provider ACS or GCI. If you have ACS are you having horrible internet problems? If GCI are you running smoothly?

Kinda a long read with a lot of questions but any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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Cry some more about it, I'm sure that will fix the situation lol.
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@Tupäc: Shouldn't you be dead or something?
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im experiencing the same issues =( i did everything you did and now im looking for answers also. if i find a way ill get back to this thread
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on your knees you say?
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The 132 Error is based of a report that the Memory on your computer can not be read. I did a little research and it seems that you can try a couple things to see if you can narrow down where the problem is comming from. Some say re installing your graphics and sound car drivers can help so i would make sure that you have the most recent up to date drivers for both your graphics card and sound cards. Also download a free CPU tempature monitor to make sure that there isnt a heating issue casuing the freezes. Also there are some adjustments you can do in the BIOS settings to correct volatges for your memory to allow them to function poperly. If these settings have been messed with changed or are not loading poperly and your memory is not seeing the correct voltage than it will cause it to not function correctly.

If you dont feel comfertable messing with these settings or dont know how if you can give me some more details about the hardware on your computer i can possibly assist you further.

As far as you latency isssues.. this server is on the retaliation BG which is hosted at the New York datacenter.. and playing from Alaska on this server could easily just be the distance giving you the issue..

But from one Alaskan to another! GL to ya hope this helps shed some light on your problem..
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Reboot, Re-image, Resolved.
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I also live in Alaska, I use GCI with 10mbps and have 0ms home and world on Staghelm. Maybe you should transfer servers.
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