Fog of War, a parting thought...

92 Orc Hunter
As it turns out after several versions of what it takes to get a raid spot. The first via an unnamed officer was "You don't have the dps, 8.5k don't cut it, 10k dps or no slot."
On my meters, Tureal's meters, and a couple of others...most dps run around 8-10k. So I inquired as to what was the dps bar...I was told by the leader, that it was a matter of having the "right" makeup and "gear level" etc. In this exchange, I decided that I would just sit idle because Tureal is my RL good friend, and enjoyed it here very much. After talking it over with Tureal, he has been somewhat displeased with some aspects of things, unknown to me, so me staying for his sake was not valid. He left, I have left.

There have been some questions about some flask that were in the bank, let me clear this up. When we needed flask, I went out and farmed the mats, I went and respecd my alch., I made the flask, and put them in the bank, under the clear understanding that I would float them pending some others sending in mats. I don't have a problem spending 3k(which i did), or 10k, or 30k to help us a loyal and devoted family of raiders meeting success. It should be noted, that not one copper coin, and not one weed came my way. So when it was clear I was not going to be a member of the raiding family, just kind of a hang out guy, then I removed my flask.

I didn't remove any of the gold I have deposited for guild repairs, and there are a few members who have some outstanding IOU's for a few (3) guild mates, former guild mates I suppose would be a better way of phrasing it at this point. Consider those cleared and in good standing.

Some suggestions I have for Fog of War that would help to make it a better place for current members, and future ones follow. Leadership needs to be on the same page. Nothing mean spirited or hateful here, but communications between GL and officers should be clearer. When RMpriest says guild support is going to be behind "______", then GL should follow with that. If that isnt the direction then that should be clear as well. Wasn't a big issue but clarity of mission is a hallmark of successful operations. Another major area for improvement would be reduction of some officers "elitism" one in majority, not the others. When you are heads and shoulders above others perhaps you could act conceded that way, but it wouldn't be nice, and when you are not above anyone, but just in the pack in gear, skill, etc...just acting superior doesn't make it so. Turn down the bravdo a bit.

I guess I can handle abuse of my coin purse, making money on the AH doesn't take a rocket science...I can take a little abuse on my gear, or dps, I can for sure take suggestions and insight on my skills performance is an area every player can use a +bump in from time to time. What as a 40 year old grown man, who as a former Marine, can't handle is maltreatment and disrespect.

Fog of War, God bless you, and by all means the best of luck. I can't say I have a hard feeling versus you in the least, except one. If I can help you as individuals call on me, both in life and in the game.

Good luck, and Game Like You Mean It!!!

Goatfarmer (85 Hunter), Justhealing (85 priest), Vaccamillitis (85 Druid), Overspirit (85 Shaman).
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way to rant! GJ Brah. it's a game.
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