Having problems playing wow recently...

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I have just finished building my new comp and am having problems with wow now. I can play wow for about 1-2 minutes but then get kicked from server. I can then relog very easily but get kicked again within another 1-2 minutes. I have a Belkin n600 wireless router and am using TWC as my internet provider but don't understand why I can't play for more then 1-2 minutes? Anybody have an answer for this?

Another thing....i can use the internet fine. It seems to be just with WoW that I get interruption.
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Hey Murdokk.

Ever since my computer has automatically installed the latest patch I seem to be having problems as well. I can log into my account easily, but when I click on "Enter World" with my character, it doesn't load up (I get stuck on the load screen). I have occasionally got to the load screen where it will load up the game, but as soon as it is loaded it jumps back to the main menu saying I have been booted from the server. :S

It was working alright for me at the start of the week and now I can't get in at all. I'm just wondering if there is something wrong with the server or there is a glitch or something in the latest patch. Is there anyone else out there having similar problems?
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go into your routing settings and turn on DMZ
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Ive recently have had this problem with wow that i can open the game fine and type my pass and look at my chars but when it loges me into the game it freezes and screen messes up not sure if it is my graphics card or the game anyone help me with info that would be awesome :(
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This happened to me once upon a time it was actually a software issue between something I had installed on my pc and the router with the ip provider as they had a conflict. Deleted the unneeded software and bam worked fine ever since.
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Ok I know this is kind of a late response but the belkin router has a setting for battle.net. If you go to your router settings and click on "virtual servers" there will be a drop down box that allows you to open router ports for a list of programs and games and other things. Select the battle.net and blizzard related ports and add them to the allowed list in the router. Then click apply changes. Hope this helps.
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