Trying to understand ganker mentality

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'They're immature 12-year-olds' is the easy answer, but I still don't get it. Honestly. I doing my best to understand why someone honestly can't find anything better to do than camp me for literally 30 minutes while I plainly try and do a quest they are plainly not competing against me for, when I plainly can't fight back (rogue, stunlock), and have done zero wrong against them.

Some background: I'm no stranger to ganking. I'm from the most IMBA realm there is, Thaurissan, on the losing side (Alliance). Read: 10:1 horde alliance ratio, PvP server. I remain alliance (in fact BECAME alliance) because there just seems something profoundly cheap and cowardly about playing horde on a PvP server on which you have no actual opposition. I used to be horde for quite a while there, but became increasingly disillusioned with it.

Now I have to put up with ganking like most of you will not be able to imagine (and have for the last year), and I really want to understand what is going on in the heads of these people. Is it just that they are cowards or is it more than that?

I've just come from TB, where I had to kill just 4 more ghosts to finish all my dailies. One rogue/pally combo camped me near the quest area graveyard for upwards of 20 minutes, killing me 14 times (yes, 14... some people are easily ammused). The had clearly finished their quest. The best I was able to manage was to grab a ghost from the side and hope I could burn it down before one or the other or both of them (or *all* of them if a few more horde were joining in the game) killed me. In 20 mins+, I got 1. (And yes I'm not stupid, I know I can log and come back later - Yay! The cowards win; then again, there may be no later on Thaurissan, Horde are ALWAYS there).
It was particularly frustrating that the pair would pretend to leave, and I'd wait, thinking 'ok they're faking... but still not coming back... hmm I'll try grab a ghost...' (You can guess the end). This is to say, they were doing their best to actively draw me out. Killing me 12 times wasn't enough, they had to push me into 13 times.

Why? Why do people do this? I am not a 'weak' player at all, but unfortunately my hunter is very weak one on one (as most are). Fortunately, with the massive hunter PvP buffs coming in 4.06, Blizzard clearly acknowledges this. At first I would charge back up to the quest area over and over so the gankers could realise they were in fact being bullies and have some pity, but it had no effect. Then I would hold back and they would wait off the side until I got brave enough to try for a ghost.
A PvP 'contest' of strength would be one thing - honorable even. But this is ganking - i.e. fixed so that there really is no defense for the gankee. They were camping a toon that could hardly lift a finger against them.

I can't understand whether they simply don't see me as a human being trying to finish his quest so he can go to work. At first I think 'OK, so they lack empathy.' But I'm not that naive - I know they understand how upset they are probably making me (I mean, who laughs the tenth time they are ripped to pieces?), and for them that must be the *point*. They take pleasure out of upsetting a nice guy that they don't even know. That is something I simply cannot relate to.

I have been known to ask horde not to gank me on the grounds that I have no defense, and we aren't competing for any in-game objective, and usually I get the rudest replies you can imagine, followed by /ignore. It's as if they really do see me as some kind of scum from the moment they see me, and they don't even know me.

Some people say 'it's a game, get over it'. The game world is imaginary, yes, but insults and bullying that happen within it are 100% real. Gankers, your cowardice in this virtual game is 100% real (as is my courage for sticking with the most under-populated faction in the entire game).

IMPORTANT POINT: Please understand I am NOT talking about PvP (which of course is normal on a PvP realm! I myself will kill horde who are competing for things I need; I sometimes get more honor from mining in Twilight Highlands than I do in a BG). I am talking about 3 on 1, repeatedly, over no game objective and not even in revenge for something; the only objective is to make the poor innocent gankee log out in frustration, for no reason at all. This is to say, block the gankee from playing and ruin his experience for the enjoyment that gives the gankers.

I also do often get guildies to come help me, but I don't like using up my favours over something so petty and (probably) temporary (chances are the ganker(s) will be gone by the time guildies get there).

I wrote this post while waiting for the horde to go away (as if that will ever happen on my server, LoL). Interested to see what people think of ganking; when is it too much (i.e. crosses the line to real bullying). WHY do they do it (honestly, how does hurting real people become a fun pasttime for some people?). Is there something I'm missing (is there a strategic reason to gank? Personally I'd have thought possible revenge would be a reason NOT to gank; it slows down *everyone's* questing).

I think Thaurissan is a special case: 99% of the time, horde have no reason to believe there will be any repercussions for killing an alliance. When there are 50 horde in TB, there are 2 alliance (yes, that's less than 10:1, but I think most alliance on my server eventually learn to stay away from there). THey kill me, I won't have any backup coming. On the other hand, if I touch a horde, 6 more passing horde will be on me in seconds. Horde know that it is very unlikely there will be any mid-term complications caused by attacking an alliance, which probably encourages the ganking.
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Simply the understanding that I am ruining your day gives me happy feelings. Also, the more '/lol' or '/spit' I can throw at you before you release is a bit of a competition I have with myself. What's the point of PvP existing in this game if you can't occasionally rip through an opponent while having a big grin over your face.

Good day.
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90 Night Elf Priest
It is simple.

Ever played with bubble wrap? You see a bubble and it is unpopped.. it basically calls out to you "pop me!", and so you do, and for a moment you feel so good inside.

Then you try to find another bubble to pop.
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70 Human Death Knight
Playing on an open pvp server myself, I've had exactly zero (zero) fights with anyone below 85, even though I've been killed numerous times, ie., one shot by 85's in level 30-40 zones.

Doesn't make much sense to me. I have had to ask other level 85's to come and save me from some jackass 85 camping my level 40's corpse, on more than one occasion.
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Look, if it is that big of a deal, transfer to a PvE server.
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90 Draenei Hunter
Apparently you are free honor so yeah... ill camp free honor for half an hour.
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Some people enjoy being bullies. It's especially satisfying for them when there is no possible negative outcome for them. In real life, people are generally afraid to screw with other people, because the chances are rather large that one of their victims will punch them in the head.
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01/21/2011 2:54 PMPosted by Titsuka
they are just bullys and like all bullys they are cowards at heart. They can't beat anyone thier own level so they gank

I arena on a regular basis; your thought process is flawed.
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86 Human Warlock
Oh god look at that wall of text.

That is why, OP. That is why. The idea that they can turn you into such a god-awful mood in such an instant is not only amusing, but comforting to the gankers.

By the way, if you don't understand the idea of people being douchebags for no reason then you are doing something in this game terribly wrong.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
01/21/2011 2:53 PMPosted by Rotfflmfao
Apparently you are free honor so yeah... ill camp free honor for half an hour.

Nice try, but 4.5 honor every 1-2 minutes is pretty poor in comparison to what you'd get in a BG. Try again.
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01/21/2011 2:44 PMPosted by Ysana
They're immature 12-year-olds' is the easy answer, but I still don't get it.

Easy answer is usually right. Just stick with it.
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01/21/2011 2:54 PMPosted by Titsuka
they are just bullys and like all bullys they are cowards at heart. They can't beat anyone thier own level so they gank

Plenty of good players gank. It beats sitting in org waiting for the 50 min que.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
01/21/2011 2:52 PMPosted by Syncline
Switch to a PvE server if you don't like ganking; people do it because they can and that will not change.

Oops I forgot to say why I don't do this.

It's a semi-roleplaying reason; I actually take pleasure from helping others. I believe true strength is in not knocking down everyone who is weaker than you, and take pride in the fact that I don't 1-shot every L10 horde that runs past me. If I was on a PvE server, I would be forced by the rules to be honorable, and would therefore be able to derive no pleasure from it.

Also, I do like the fact that horde who are trying to steal your node, or who have committed crimes against allies, can be battled and killed.

Rampant bullying is the tradeoff, but it's sadly all or nothing.
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