Turrican's guide to Tol Barad

85 Human Paladin
Hello, My Name is Turrican you may remember me from films such as Guildless in Seattle, Turrminator 2 – Judgement Day and Rank grind: Planet Terror.

I am here to talk about Tol Barad today. I didn’t really planned to do this, but the thread where I posted some advice seems to be deleted. Also I use this opportunity to correct some views on this Battlefield.

This guide is not targeted for any specific faction, but it seems Alliance is the side with problems on this server, so it may tend to be a bit biased at times.

But let me talk about the Battlefield first…and going down to the main things.Is it necessary?
Unfortunately yes, according to the chat in this area a lot of people are misinformed about this. But that is not a shame. I myself was misinformed once, after reading false information’s about the destruction of the towers will grant a buff. But the important stuff is to learn, adapt, improvise and overcome.

To win this zone and to control it, the attacking force has to have control of ALL THREE flags. While the attacking force has convenient located graveyards all over the zone, the defending force will always resurrect in the middle, at an elevated position. Destroying the towers will give extended time to the attacking force.

I read often that people complain about that they are outnumbered. Tol Barad, unlike WG will ALWAYS be even numbered. While in Wintergrasp, everyone who wanted to join was able to join (which created a huge imbalance that even a buff for the faction with the lesser players could not even out), TB will always be so an even amount of players will fight at the same time.
For example, 10 Alliance queue for this BG and 4 Horde queue. The moment the contest starts, all 4 Horde will receive the invitation, but only the first 4 Alliance player will get one. In time, when more horde will sign up, the other Alli players in queue will get an invite. The only way this BG would be imbalanced is, if 10 alli and 10 horde join the game, then 4 Alli player will leave the zone or log out of the game and no other alliance player is waiting in line. As this is highly unlikely, you can see that it’s a fair game.

Another thing players are surprised is, that there can be more than one raid at a time, if enough people on either side is interested in doing PvP in this zone, this will happen.

The Towers can be destroyed by siege tanks, you can control one of those tanks, when you get one honor kill. Those tanks should be driven to the tower and put in siege mode, where they will automatically start to fire at the building. When the tower is destroyed, they will change back into mobile mode and can be driven again. If not manned for a while, they will despawn. However, they are not invincible and can be destroyed as well.

There are three flags that needs to be captured and are captured by standing next to it, like in WG or EOTS. You won’t be able to cap it like in AB, AV or BoG, by clicking on it.
Again, there are three flag and the opposing force has to control all of them at the same time. If they do, the battle will be over at once. If the defense is able to control one node at the end of the time limit, or one flag is in limbo when the time runs out, the defense keeps control of the zone.

So after covering the basics, let’s talk about how to play this battleground. In my initial post, I mentioned that the defending team has an easier job. But other players (Wolvi was one I remembered) pointed out that this is not the case. And he was right; the defense is actually much harder, IF the attacking force plays it the right way. HOWEVER, it is ridiculous easy to defend if the attacking force approached this BG the wrong way. (PS: /salute Wolvi)

Tol Barad is NOT like AB or EOTS! I know there are flags/nodes that need to be captured but to win this Battleground you HAVE to play it more like WSG; Control the middle and defense is only important in a limited way and depends on the situation.
I need to add that if I mention any numbers, those numbers should only been seen as a benchmark and have to be adjusted according the size of the raid...or raidS(capital s!). However, I will assume that there are two full 40 man raids in this BG, to make it easier to explain.

..part 2 continues on page 2, due being deleted by a mod.
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This is where the attacking force has to defend the flag, with 2-3 players at the flag and another small mobile force that keeps roaming between two nodes to help defending them. Remember, when the attacking force dies, they rezz RIGHT NEXT to the flag, the defensive team however has to slip through the net again, after being killed. At the same time 2-3 attacking players should grab tanks and take down towers one by one. Now, it depends on the main force in the middle, if the pressure on the defense is high enough that they cannot afford to defend the towers or not.
If defense can defend the towers, those tank drivers stay together and try to defend them. Afterwards they move on to the next one.

Again, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to keep them from even going to a node. And have only a small part of the raid actually attack and defend. The Graveyard position is the key!! I cannot mention this often enough!

Defending is so much harder if contained. As I mentioned in the deleted thread, you as defense, WANT To keep the towers intact. The only way to put pressure on the attacking force is to defend them! However, if you can’t get enough ppl through the lines to manage a defense of at least one node and the towers, you have to make sure to keep one node….but paying the price of giving them MUCH more time.

This is basically it. In fact, the BG is indeed unbalanced, towards the attacking force. I assume it’s purposely done by Blizzard, to avoid another WG domination situation.

Here is the tricky part; you cannot really lead this BG, especially if more than one raid is involved. The players have to KNOW what to do here and leadership should be subtle orders to keep the course and point out any weaknesses. We all (or most) know what we need to do in WSG basically, even in AB and don’t need to be shown every move (however, AB is an exception, when fighting an equally skilled team.)
Players need to be able to look at the map and see weak spots by themselves. For example, containing the defensive team is impossible if the attacking force is not able to shift around temporarily and then regroup again. There should always be a static team and a roaming team at every exit. While the static team stays at the spot, the roaming helps out other sides, if needed. This needs inter raid communication and hence the General channel should be used.

Like I wrote last time, this will not guarantee you a win. If the other team outgears or outskills you, or they work together better as a team, you can still be easily defeated.
However Alliance, if you want to start winning and take TB more than just a few times a week at 4 AM, you need to adapt, improvise and overcome. You have a choice to either continue the perfection of losing, or start learning how to win and work towards that goal. I know it’s tempting to fight around the flag, but it WILL NOT WORK!
By just remembering the numbers I wrote down earlier, about defending nodes, common sense should tell you that you WILL fail by fighting Tol Barad this way.

That’s all I have to say. Please don’t start flame wars here or call me names (you can do that ingame - my ignore list still has space :) ),cause I won’t post this again. Just take it as it is.
Let other guildies know and tell them to take a peek at this. I say that because I know there are players from big PvE guilds and the few PvP guilds that DO give wrong orders and fight this BG the wrong way. Yet, I know by a fact that others from those SAME guilds DO KNOW how to fight this. So there is a lot of confusion and misinformation still on Alliance side. Just tell them to read this guide and think about it.

And for everyone who thinks Tl:dr, well I guess there’s nothing I can do then. But I guess time is better invested in spending hours a week, spending time loosing TB.

Thanks for your time.


I just want to thank all of you Allies/friends, who joined me in the middle and help to put up a good battle.
And also a salute to all those Hordies/friends who fight with me and give me hugs and positive emotes, even when clobbering the @*@@ outta me.
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
Your logic is quite flawed sir and you are thinking to much in the bubble.

Edit: Tehe, paladin joke.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin

Also. I'm horde. Turri lost me at "I'm here to talk about Tol Barad .... ", which as we all know is a corrupted and mis-remembered pronunciation of the phrase "Toll on the Bads".

Actually - alliance is getting better. There is often a clean-up crew in the middle now. And the towers go down early.
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85 Human Warrior
For the record, I think the most fun I've ever had in Tol Barad has been following Turrican around in the middle. The usefulness of attacking in the middle aside, those small skirmishes are somehow really enjoyable. Just as it is more fun attacking a name you recognize, I am also more likely to want to fight next to someone whose name is familiar. I don't really care very much if a Night Elf Hunter with a name loosely related to Legolas or Drizzt is killed.
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90 Undead Priest
Jeez Turri, I never put this much thought into the whole TB thing. I just tell everyone there are Chicken McNuggets at Vigil or Slag, that the Alliance took them from us, and they tear off like mad....with a vengeance.

Hey whatever works, right?

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90 Night Elf Druid
i never, ever, ever, ate the nuggets.

If the cake is a lie, so are the nuggets.

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90 Draenei Shaman
Why when men are around there's often a discussion about Nuggets. Really guys. XD

/thank Turri (again) for going through all the trouble to put this up for folks.

PS - Protect your healers! There aren't enough of us!

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85 Goblin Mage

The main problem with this is that your target audience is self-limiting in that if they're too dumb to figure out Tol Barad, they probably lack the comprehension or reading skills to come here, find that post, and improve on their mistakes from it.

Also, I spammed /hug on Turri as I met him on a lonely Tol Barad road on my first day back on the server, and he was very rude and just died.

-Totally not Hellkitten
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85 Gnome Death Knight

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90 Undead Priest
01/24/2011 8:08 AMPosted by Akinee
Why when men are around there's often a discussion about Nuggets. Really guys. XD

It's either Nuggets or the "Godfather"....because we don't talk about Fight Club.
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/waves at everyone.

True,that its a long read, but actually it kept me busy for a sunday morning and due to my RL kinda being bleh atm, i was glad for that distraction,so i went a bit more in the detail,than planned.

However, and this is the sad truth, most Alli ppl in there are absolutely clueless whats going on. Some still talk about getting 1800 honor from the victory. Some do NOT know that the attackign team need all nodes to win.
Unless WG, where you could be clueless and just run with the zerg, here if you run with the zerg, means the clueless one follows the other clueless ones.

There are a few brave and smart souls, that try to change it..and there are moments where it seems that ppl actually listen..but then someone screams somethign dumb in chat and everyone scatters like heap hookers into sideallyey,when a police cruiser drives by.

Yes, its a long read, yes ppl that normally read these boards DONT need to read this.
Im just baffled and somewhat frustrated by the behaviour of my faction and at least try to give them some help.

Also, i prefer dingleberries.

@Wolvi, the title should have hinted what will expect you in here. <.<

@ HK, Sadly you are right. But hey, maybe it helps.
Edited by Turrican on 1/24/2011 3:22 PM PST
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85 Human Paladin
Im sorry, but youre a druid.
Years of arena frustration are unleashed on you.
/comfort /hug /salute
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85 Human Paladin
I know. We lost BG, i drove to the stairs and Saluted you all.
But you just jumped me and *@*#d me! :O

Monsters ._.
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Oh Dread's just mad he can't kill a little old Mage without a full raid group supporting him.
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85 Human Paladin
01/27/2011 6:39 PMPosted by Dreadwinter
I did it with love.....

Awwwww *blush*
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