An unpleasant experiance.

100 Draenei Shaman
Usually I dont do this, but I was very disturbed by the actions of one Gocu of your realm (Misha), who was tanking a random I was in earlier today.
We get thrown together inside Heroic Stonecore, and it starts out decent. First boss goes down no probs, second goes down with me dead at end. Then 3rd goes down, and the Heroic caster trink drop. As I'm still using the regular, i roll on it, as does the loc. Then Gocu rolls as well and wins. I ask him why he rolled on it. he says "I'm the tank, so I can roll on whatever i want" "I was doing the most DPS last boss" (easy to say when the casters on team had to stop during the reflect part). I tell him how unkind that is, but shrug it off, just wanting my VP.
So we get to Anzu, and even burning every CD we have, we fail. He ask me why I wasnt Decursing. No where in the fight did I even see a curse, and even if there was, I assumed the healer had it covered. So I questioned him. a few seconds later, I find myself back in Tol Borad.
so warning: Beware of Gocu if you get him in a heroic, raid, or other situation.

TLDR: Gocu while tanking ninjaed caster trink, then after first wipe, blames the non-healer and boots.
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This server is full of @!#*wads just like any server. Best bet is to /ignore the person and move on.

And trust me, this server is small enough that we all know who to stay away from.
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85 Goblin Rogue
personally not a fan of QQ threads, and not a fan of trying to point out someones actions during a LFD session. but will conclude personally i dont see him wrong for booting you out, if that encounter has decursing involved (plays melee so idk) and about the whole ninja caster trinket did you notice if there was another player from misha in there as well (maybe the lock you mentioned?) if so, i dont blame him at all for needing on the trinket if his intentions were to give his friend it.

honestly im sure everyone hates it but, if he's the tank for the most part he can decide how it runs, whether that means everyone leaves him doesnt bother him due to the fact that he can get a new set of players from different realms.

personally the reason i hate LFD cuz sure playing a mmo you get 100% animosity, but playing one on a specific realm and able to screw players on other realms.. its just bound to happen.

final note, who is to say that this story isnt made up? and that your just mad because you got kicked from your group for a different reason? (i lol'd when the tank out dps'd you and you blame the boss)
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77 Human Warrior
1. Don't listen to dreamz. He's kind of on his own little stretch of highway.
2. Life is short. Forget about it.
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94 Tauren Druid
I'm guessing your group failed on Azil due to tank death, which would be because of force grip that needs to be interrupted. So nobody's right, nobody's wrong c'est la vie.
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85 Goblin Rogue
no comments.
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Not all healer classes can dispel curses (paladins come to mind).
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"I'm the tank, I can roll on whatever I want" is fail. I hate these guys...

Lack of communication on the decurses is the fault of the group, not just one person.

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01/23/2011 3:32 AMPosted by Pikaachu
second goes down with me dead at end.

Ranged dps on second boss should take zero damage, every bit of it is easily avoidable. If you managed to die on it, very likely you were kicked for good reason other than having beef with tank.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight

most tanks are !#*!s.

hes a baddie anyways.

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85 Undead Priest
dreamz is best rogue on server breh
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70 Draenei Paladin
"if he's the tank for the most part he can decide how it runs"

nonsense and I'll be nice and leave it at that
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85 Human Paladin
Heard about this wonderful forum going here after reading it LOL
As far as the post goes the only person i would consider doing that for would be my wife, and it just so happens she was in that run, she is the "loc" in question but really shes a spriest on that toon. But no need to nit pick i guess. Unfortunatly she won the item in question. And after reading some of the posts i may read more forums just for the humor. But I will never say I'm the tank so i can roll on whatever, I have more class and respect than that so please say what actually happens not just make stuff up so you feel better.
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85 Human Paladin
Oh yeah I forgot I do kick bad dps :) Just had a random the other day where I had to kick a healer on the last boss in heroic stonecore due to the fact he couldnt avoid getting hit by the boulders. So I guess I'll kick anyone that cant actually play the game.
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94 Tauren Druid
A+ for other side of the story
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85 Human Priest
This just sounds to me like the op confused Gocu with someone else. I have run with Gocu (and his wife) for quite a long time and I have never seen him do anything like this.
It is just way out of character.

I have had plenty of bad experiences with pugs- some downright unbelievable behavior sometimes even.....but I have never gone looking for anyone's realm forums...

I just put them on ignore list and feel very glad I am in a guild with lots of nice people! lol
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