Can you guys release a Linux version


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Linux is becoming more popular everyday, and many users in the Linux community are waiting for wow to become Linux compatible. Right now we have to run the wow windows client under another program called wine. This is VERY hard to do, and it would help thousands of users if wow would come out with a Linux version. To the developers this verison does not have to be perfect linux users can help you guys perfect it. You do not have to release source code to the linux community if you make a linux verison. We are hoping that you guys will throw us a bone. Linux teams all over the world will work to make your client compatibile with their distrubutions. All you have to do is make one client and the Linux community (over time) will conform their operating system to run around it. To show you how many users are using linux and playing wow (under wine) I will start a list and be the first one to sign.

1. Tbruff13
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Your petition/request does not belong in Tech Support. I'd really try General (if anything to be honest).

However, Blizzard's not going make a Linux version simply because they'd have to release it in every single language, which would make their lives even harder come patch days.

If you're having issues with Wine, try the Wine forums, or try Wowpedia's pages on Wine.

EDIT: Gah! Ninja move
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Uhh, WoW works beautifully in Linux under Wine. You should try that.
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It works under Wine well enough, but I wouldn't expect a native linux client; way too small a user base for a game, not worth the trouble of testing and maintaining a third code base for such a small percentage of players.
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There are too many distros of linux to release a single wow that would work on them. The best they could do is make a base system of wow and then have third party developers make it compatible with that distro.
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01/24/2011 2:25 PMPosted by Tbruff
This is VERY hard to do

This makes me think you are not a linux user at all, if you were a linux user (and no someone we just installed it 5 min ago) it is VERY easy to do.

On a side topic, I prefer wow on linux. I just shut down all non-essentual services and it runs much better then using the same hardware on windows.
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01/24/2011 7:09 PMPosted by Halzen
Uhh, WoW works beautifully in Linux under Wine. You should try that.

Not always and at times has been known to break with a patch requiring user side fixes, though I am glad ATI finally is putting out decent linux drivers.
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Linux. Thats a good joke.
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I read somewhere that they had a linux client during the vanilla beta but that they never released a retail version.
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Linux is becoming more popular everyday

No, it isn't. In fact it's market share has declined every year since 2006, and is hovering at about 1% right now.
how do you accurately measure market share on a free distro?
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01/24/2011 8:20 PMPosted by Osirus
No, it isn't. In fact it's market share has declined every year since 2006, and is hovering at about 1% right now.

[citation needed]
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Why even Use linux?

Honestly, I just don't get it.
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01/25/2011 2:03 AMPosted by Shimala
Why even Use linux?

Honestly, I just don't get it.
free and less worry about OS companies trying to be "big brother"
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Due to the opengl support, WoW actually runs quite well under wine. I've actually done a straight copy of my wow folder to a linux partition, fired it up under wine and had it work just fine (after swapping to opengl mode in the config files of course.) My only real complaint is the lack of hardware mouse support under opengl in general. Also, due to it's open source nature, you can't measure how popular linux is by market share or sales figures. Honestly, if I had hardware mouse and was able to get vent working in 'nix, I'd be using it 100% of the time.
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I am not saying this to be a troll, but, the mainstream Linux desktop dream died about the time the tech bubble burst.

Anyone porting to it does so out of courtesy or love.

It does not make financial sense to do so.

It will never happen.

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