Hunter pets for survival?

Yo, just curious as to what pets I should keep on my person for survival 5 man. So far i've just had a Wolf, but with Druids and other chars who bring 5% crit to the table, that buff is redundant. I've now got a Cat (Stealth/Buff), Nether Ray (Interrupt), and Wind Serpent (Spell damage buff), what other pets should I get for 5 mans?
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100 Human Hunter
i got a raptor.... sunder armor is pro but yeah a cat is probally the best off topic MONKEYS ARE SO COOL IN PVP till they get nerfed then imma get a spider or gorilla
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85 Orc Hunter
Snakes got its own form of Sunder. but you look like you got some tools for just about everything.. well for whats available for a non bm.
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85 Orc Hunter
As survival, wind serpent/dragonhawk (8% magic=like 6% overal damage for yourself)
As others have said wolf, cat, raptor, then 2 slots for whatever else, I usually have a nether ray on hand incase there happens to be need for an interrupt and the group can't be "trusted" (SFK mending/aoe heal)
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
The buffs a cat provides are usually covered in raid makeup. I've been running a dragonhawk almost exclusively since not only is the + to elemental damage useful, but the specced focus regen ability in it's cunning tree makes it really nice to drop extra arcane shots, sometimes KC. I need to resort my stable and grab an interrupt pet and a good crit pet just in case, but havent worried about it too much since the other hunter in my raids has a wolf.

Heart of the Phoenix on Ferocity tree isn't the best way to spec a pet for pure dps, but it sure is better than having your pet dead for half a boss fight because you can't stand still to rez it, I carry a fer. pet with heart of the phoenix around just in case for all those fights that our difficult to keep a pet up. (Went with a fox for slowing attacks to ease up on damage even more.)
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85 Orc Hunter
Raptor, wolf, or cat in dungeons: the damage buff these guys give applies to all of your damage types, not just elemental. Outside of dungeons, I go with some sort of cunning pet like a snake or wind serpent, though lately, I've been enamored with my scorpion.
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85 Dwarf Hunter
I have 5 pve pets:

wind serpent: 8% magic debuff
ravager: 4% physical debuff
cat: horn of winter
wolf: 5% crit
fox: thunderclap specifically for Counsel fight.
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85 Human Warrior
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