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01/27/2011 5:23 AMPosted by Flametwista
moving our regen mechanics away from things we have to actually think about is kinda silly, fixing a problem that isnt there and making something thats already kinda easy even easier is a bit sad.

First off yes we have quite a few CD's, though only 3 our really cd's and LoH is an emergency heal (massive and awesome). Which gives us throughput on demand, but these make up for lack of spells that we have. Most notably they help us compete with AoE heals in terms of throughput vs priest, or life bloom stacks with druids and other various spell mechanics that we simply don't have. We get CD's to use instead. Never actually healed with shaman's so I can't comment on them but they're in a bad spot right now so its not even fair to compare.

Secondly its not silly, it is easier, but its also less clunky, and if done would allow for easier adjustment of spell cost and healing as blizzard would have a less variable regen number to think about (3330+ mp5 dependent on judging frequency). That makes us too good in content we out gear, and weaker in content we're just barely geared for. This would result in a much more consistent regen for paladins that would be much easier to account for.
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Their only answer is because Blizzard says so.

Weird how no other toon gets healing nerfed while using their skill or talent to get mana back.

But GC answer is, "We want you to think when you use it. If not it's just something you use every cooldown."

You mean like every other healer does, odd.

But every other toon doesn't have to think. They just use it.

Odd if you ask me why Pallys and punished for using their but no one else is. Everyone should have a 50% penalty:P Or their should be none on a Pally.
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Doomsyth, stop being so defensive. You gave us your idea, we shot it down with experience. That's the end of that story.

As for your Magmaw comment... You haven't even downed him, you have no idea how it works! If you did, you'd know that you're not the only one popping mana cds in that phase! Maybe you forgot, but you're not the only person in a 10 or 25 man raid.
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01/27/2011 10:13 AMPosted by Jondoe
As for your Magmaw comment... You haven't even downed him, you have no idea how it works! If you did, you'd know that you're not the only one popping mana cds in that phase! Maybe you forgot, but you're not the only person in a 10 or 25 man raid.

First of your retarded, everything you've said I've proven wrong.

Seconds off I've downed Magmaw 5 times now or so, please try to use your brain. That is just as many times as you matter of fact.

And no, my idea hasn't been shot down, least of which from experience of yours, as everything you've said is idiotic, how you've downed a boss at all is a testament to the strength of your guilds other healers. Grats on being carried, tell the other healers I think they're pro.
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01/27/2011 1:00 PMPosted by Dubalicious
is it really that big of a deal?

No not really, I just wanted to suggest it, Jondoe's attitude kinda made me rage a little. But it also allowed me to do some mild theorycrafting, and no joke does Seal of Insight blow DP out of the water if you judge only a 1/10th of the time the cd should be up you gain about as much as DP on used on cd, which is kinda crazy, and sad.

Edit: Also SoI has the disadvantage of not scaling, meaning that unlike other healers regen mechanics which scale off of mana, ours is static, and thus will weaken with gear comparatively.
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People have such short memories, either that or they don't remember T4 through 6.5 scaling. Seal of Insight is great now, and people who can utilize it are rolling in mana, so much so that they feel a little smug in its use and think everyone else must L2P. Unfortunately Seal of Insight's mana returns are capped, and will never scale as long as we're level 85. The mana returns are off base mana, not max mana. In 3 tiers of content it won't be as great unless Blizzard figures out how to properly itemize our tier pieces or makes the set bonus jack up Insight.

With class balance, perception is reality, and any idea reinforced is an idea that lingers. We're not as good as some believe, and we're definitely not as bad. I've made a thread about DP shouldn't require a 50% healing reduction. Does this mean I advocate zero healing reduction? No, it doesn't. Personally I'd be for 0% healing reduction on 3m cooldown, making it parallel Innervate, or buff ToR to reduce the reduction by 10% per talent point (up to 30% and to make up for the removal of Holy Light from the talent). In this way you could in a pince blow AW to bring yourself back to 100% effectiveness if you mistimed your Plea, and suffer the penalty of not having the +20% during a proper burndown phase later.
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