Anakir Nobilis is a new social guild on Dentarg server. But we’re not a new guild to mmos. Anakir Nobilis has been around for over 6+ years starting in Star Wars Galaxies. We’re a tight knit group of players that have experience in multiple MMO’s including grouping, dungeoning, raiding, leveling and all things gaming.

We offer a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Our guilds are lead by longtime trusted members who work hard to reflect the wants and needs of all of our members. Most importantly we promote a family atmosphere and are dedicated to making the gaming experience an enjoyable one for our members.

Few things about Anakir Nobilis

1.) We are an east coast and central playing guild that plays after 7est everday and probably more on the weekend. We do have folks on at all times though

2.)Most of us are in the age range of 20s-40s with a few younger and a few older. We have spouses that play with us and sometimes kids that need us but that doesn't mean you have to have either to join the guild.

3.) Raids. We’re a social guild first that being said we will have raiding casually once or twice a week when we get enough toons to raiding levels

4.) Type of guild? We are a casual guild meaning we don't force certain play time requirements or any particular requirements on the guildies besides having fun, being mature and being friendly.

5.) We accept alts, We accept new players, We accept all races and all classes.
Our core group is in the level range of 70+ at this time. But we do accept all levels

6.) We're Guild level 2, Have Ventrillo, 4 bank tabs and a lot of guildies that are very helpful.

You can email or contact in game Kanerk, Kayber, or vanderdin Or you can register to our website at and fill out an application.