How does your raiding guild split duties?

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One person "owns" and pays for our guild services. The reason for this is he has his own hosted server anyway(so it's cheaper overall). Before this we took donations via paypal to run the services, and it worked out fine as far as I know.
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Our website and Ventrilo servers are technically "owned" by one person, but that person pays for them via a paypal account, which is funded by donations each year. We've never really come up short, as our guild has tended to be a closer-knit bunch than others I've been in in the past. Once a year we just explain that we need to renew and ask for donations. People are usually willing to donate something like 5 bucks or so each which really adds up when you have 30-35 raiders.

Sadly, we recently had a guild member pass away (about 8 months ago) and we were able to take enough donations to not only purchase a beautiful flower arrangement to be sent to the ceremony, but to have a custom character model built to be sent to his family.

The point is, I think a lot of it depends on how long the guild has been together and how secure members feel they are in guild. They're not gonna pay real money for stuff like that if they're unsure if the guild will be around for the full year that they are helping fund.

As for forum activity, again, our forums are used enough. Not nearly as much as a public forum, but about half our members frequent the forums about once a day or so. To help with this we still use our forums to report absences, which gets people there, but aside from that, our IRL type forums are pretty active with people messing around and posting interesting links / articles or just throwing the occasional slapstick insult around. I think it just depends on what kind of community the guild is. Some guilds just aren't into that, and there's nothing really wrong with that if the guild is doing well in whatever your goal is in game. I wouldn't try to force website usage down their throats, and with all the in-game tools we have now a guild site might not even be necessary.
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Volunteers mostly in my guild.

Our old GM actually has some servers and hosts the guild website and forums.

Vent is paid by strong-arming one of our oldest guild members(if he dosent keep it up, we know where he lives and he has a nice dark colored car, and we have lots of bologna)

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Our raid leader works irl as a sysadmin and as a result has a lot of spare hardware lying around that he dedicates for teamspeak and website server hosting. Our healing leader is largely responsible for the site admin and design. I generally drive a lot of the forum conversation and blog posting. The healing leader and I split the costs for additional services when they pop-up (things like wws when it was useful).

I will say this there are certain things -- particularly policy decisions -- that are important to have somewhere outside of the game. You need to have a standing record of things like that so you don't have to convey it all the time on vent or in gchat or whatever.
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I carry retards on my back, handle recruitment, tell people how to play their class, sell items, I have a 525 of every tradeskill, I raid lead, pay for the ventrilo, pay for the website, and I also give handies for free.
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