The best of Maiev:)



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85 Tauren Druid
This thread just shows how many bad players think they know anything about pvp.

01/26/2011 12:04 AMPosted by Luö
lemon, filth and icecube are all pretty much on the same level

Lmao Filth beats them in 80 gear. Seriously brah?

Warlock:Lockdowne (NOT Lockdowñ, that mother!#@!er backpedals and drain tanks every duel. Lockdowne ran destro to 2300 and then made up an aff spec at random for easy arenas and got bored with his lock. I would love to see the bad Lockdowñ roll destro over 1700.)
DK: Khazidhea (sorry Donky<3)
Feral:Mallinium unless he really is never playing his feral again, in which case its me I guess. Kinda strange.
Tree: Gonkl- I MEAN JUMN!
Hunter: Bunnyhop, because there aren't any good hunters anymore.
Mage: Filth. For all the scrubs that don't know, Filth is an arcane mage. He has played arcane forever and a day, and now plays frost because its super OP.
Paladin:Ret is Oranges I guess even though LOL he rolled feral right before it gets killed so LOL at him. Holy is either Whitera or Kezadin. Kez has the experience but I haven't played with him because he never wants to do 5s QQ
Priest:Biologix is the only good one I can think of atm
Rogue: From what I have seen, Vire. From what I have heard, Conobum.
Shaman: Good shaman on Maiev? lol
Warrior: Pándemonium (You non-believers will see ;])

01/31/2011 12:06 AMPosted by Phibe
Warlock: all locks are bads

So true.

01/30/2011 8:02 PMPosted by Trants

My what? My DK? My feral? I already mentioned them both.
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My what? My DK? My feral? I already mentioned them both.

I didn't say "Trent's." o_O
85 Tauren Druid
01/31/2011 12:39 PMPosted by Trants

My what? My DK? My feral? I already mentioned them both.

I didn't say "Trent's." o_O

Well I wasn't sure! Few people use accurate punctuation and grammar.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
You've never asked me once to actually play 5's you just invited me to the team!
85 Blood Elf Paladin
You've never asked me once to actually play 5's you just invited me to the team!
85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Lol Kez we totally asked you to get on your pally a weekish ago but you were 'afk' on your mage.

Lol we need Biologix to get on. QQQQQQ
Razz you make me a sad panda, im ur tree =(!
85 Tauren Druid
:O Jumny you left me. If you even played your tree, or any toon that I could play with I would have listed you.

:( I'll go fix it.
85 Blood Elf Rogue
01/31/2011 3:08 PMPosted by Ebonypandy
Faps a challenger how is he the best rogue on 4 pst....

Sounds like someone is the teensiest bit jealous
85 Troll Hunter
01/31/2011 1:59 AMPosted by Noobrider
Lol, nice try was a pve geared prot pally dumbass and the disarm was there to make sure i didnt *%*# your face off with my shots 'cause i was the only actual threat in the group

2 wrathfuls vs 2 level 80s 1 in pve gear and tank spec other in no more then relentless with no gems or chants and a 78

subtract a useless hunter (silence + disarm from res being trained by 2 geared targets of = level)

pat yourself on the back you so pro!

The disarm was used for exactly what I said it was used for - im sorry sweety but a hunter in WOTLK was never able to out dmg a disc priest heals. That and roar of sac I was never worried about getting killed. What you should have done was tried to dispell that PW:S everytime tranq was off CD. Would have allowed alot more pressure.

But I stand by my actions that day I didnt kill the spirit beast when it spawned out of respect for the determination you had. Just don't get it twisted I may/may not be a better player(frankly I think I am), but I am better at this class.
where the %!*% is jizzkid for shaman.... or supgirl, you scrubs are slubs.
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