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the problem with the ghost town argument is that it doesn't hold up. you haven't forced us to go to exodar or darnassus for anything even though those cities are ghost towns, probably because you're well aware of how terribly those cities are designed for travel and how much of a pain it is to get there from anywhere anyone actually wants to be. i mean you can't even get to anywhere from exodar without getting stuck on a stinking boat. (the same probably holds for thunder bluff and silvermoon city even though my horde experience is limited as best)

well the fact is that shattrath is a terrible city (dalaran doesn't suffer from this problem nearly as much). it's pointlessly large. trainers (esp. profession) are scattered all over the place in arbitrary locations. there are cliffs you can fall from and die, for christ's sake. it's a bad city. outland is really a bad expansion as a whole when compared to the rest of the content now in the game and shattrath is just the festering boil on top of it all. portals are nice for instant travel. they're also nice to avoid having to spend any time in the abomination that is shattrath.

the fact of the matter is that there are things people want to do while leveling in outland and northrend that require going back to the old world. "legitimate" things (in quotes because farming is just as legitimate as anything else). like leveling professions, going through old instances, etc. portals used to allow them to do this. removing the portals just exposes to those of us who had the use of them that travel time is needless tedium. you've increased the amount of needless tedium in the game. it's frustrating. portals allowed us to bypass the asinine boats and the associated tedium that are now required. that's why people liked them. that's why people are frustrated that they're gone.
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the two things i dont like:

1. it takes over 10 minutes to group up with a friend who is leveling in BC/Wrath so i can run them through a dungeon.

2. it takes over 15 minutes to get my wrath/BC characters back and forth to stormwind to do the daily cooking and fishing quests that are... only in stormwind.

the focus is end game content. only stormwind gives end game cooking tokens. they should have normalized all cooking/fishing dailies.
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Can I just go on the record saying that I'd like the portals back because flying over the org AH disconnects me? I'd love to have more people in Dalaran and Shattrath, and fewer people in the one single major transportation hub of the Horde.

At peak hours there are a sickening number of people milling about. Let's have them mill about in every city instead of just one of them.
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Engineering is lovely for fast travel to many different locations and expansion content.

Yes, I just said engineering is lovely. :)
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Outland is easy to get to, just use your Blessed Medallion of Karabor or take the port to blasted lands.
85 Draenei Mage
While you're here Bashiok, there is something i'd like to ask, somehow related with the removal of portals.

By removing the portals in Dalaran because you wanted people to go back to the old world and leaving Dalaran for the 70-80 crowd ... you forgot one thing.

The only Ink Trader in the game is still in Dalaran! Please, tell us you'll put one in Stormwind & Orgrimmar too. It's a minor convenience for me as i am a mage, but i gotta think about the other classes!
90 Night Elf Hunter
01/28/2011 1:54 PMPosted by Bashiok
Portals existed to give people access back to capital cities to reach auction houses and class trainers. Auction houses and class trainers were kept in the old world capitals because we knew that if we didn't require people to go back the old world would be a ghost town.

Those portals had a few fun side effects like letting people warp all around the world toot-sweet at the shake of a nose to do anything they felt like. This was not the intent of the portals and regardless if people enjoyed being able to zip around, it is not the intent of our travel as it exists now to allow them to do so.

Now that the old world capitals are the major hubs in the current expansion, the expansion zones are in Azeroth which keeps more people around, and we've decided to add trainers and auction houses to Shattrath and Dalaran to aid in the leveling experience, the portals no longer serve their original purpose and were removed.

"we don't want it to be easier to farm" is just as stupid a reason to take portals OUT as "I want portals to farm" is as a reason to put portals IN

if you're doing it deliberately to make the game more of a pain in the ass say so, so we can make our own decisions about what (if anything) to do about it. don't be cutesy about it, and don't pretend that wanting to farm is a bad reason to want portals.

I respect what you say here and fully understand the rationale. That being said, I still maintain the decision to remove them wasn't the wisest, and that is because what the portals became--regardless of their original intent-- is what many players--like myself -- had become accustomed to and still prefer. Doesn't that matter?

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I have actually helped guildies in Outland and the travel time was not 20 minutes by any means. Maybe if your hearth is on cooldown/not set to orgrimmar or deepholm.

It pretty much went I was questing in Uldum (I skipped it while leveling so still catching up there) and when they asked I hearthed to Orgrimmar and took the Portal to Blasted Lands, went through the Dark Portal and flew straight to them on my mount. If you have the level 8 guild perk you can probably hearth again by the time you're done helping (or of course if you're a shaman) but if not you can always fly back to the dark portal and take the Orgrimmar portal.
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With 2 minute BG queues and 4 minute random dungeon queues the only reason I ever step foot in outland is to farm knothide leather.

I am not exaggerating. I did the breadcrumb quests (Warchief's Call or whatever, and the one after it where you fly to Thrallmar) but haven't done any actual outland quests and don't plan to.

I'm going to tame a few cool looking pets and that's about it. Probably will do the same for Northrend. This is my 4th toon. Quests are boring as.
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01/28/2011 9:08 AMPosted by Bashiok
There are class trainers and auction houses in Shattrath now.

(Dalaran too)

When are there going to be heirloom vendors and ink traders in SW and Org? Other than that I can care less about portals.
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I had a sub job today. A student tried to convince me that he should be allowed to take it out of the classroom. He couldn't seem to wrap his head around the concept that no matter how many times he said it or how many ways he rephrased the request, the answer was not going to change, nor did I find any reason he could offer persuasive.

This thread reminds me of that.
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01/28/2011 1:54 PMPosted by Bashiok
the portals no longer serve their original purpose and were removed.

Wouldn't it make sense to place portals from a more populated area (e.g. SW) to a less populated area (e.g. Dalaran)? Isn't this the methodology that both BC and WotLK followed?

Or did all your methodology leave with your WoW developers to Titan?
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01/28/2011 2:18 PMPosted by Sváfa
Skinning shouldn't even be brought up in this, as it can be leveled high enough to skin creatures in Northrend without entering Outland. It's by far the easiest and quickest gathering skill to level. If an hour of time is a long play session, then ok, you have a point.

Unfortunately Leatherworking can't, and that's really the only reason to take skinning.
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the only thing that i mind about the lack of portals is that it takes forever to get to dal if im buying boa gear. however ,there was never a portal to dalaran, so i just fly there and get on with my life... u guys are so lazy if u are complaining about how hard it is to farm... fyi. new herbs sell for more than old ones, so whhy do u need to farm in the old world?
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01/28/2011 2:23 PMPosted by Bianka
Skinning shouldn't even be brought up in this, as it can be leveled high enough to skin creatures in Northrend without entering Outland. It's by far the easiest and quickest gathering skill to level. If an hour of time is a long play session, then ok, you have a point.

Unfortunately Leatherworking can't, and that's really the only reason to take skinning.

i took skinning because it makes bank.

i can make like 9k a day from just skinning mobs.
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Actually, in the current state of the game, the only issue with the lack of portals I have is the ability to do Cata dailies...which is only in Stormwind (which I would recommend to actually start in mid-70s, if not earlier).

Of course, I might be a bit annoyed with dailies anyways since it will take 273 days to get enough tokens to learn all my jewelcrafting recipes...probably a lot longer if more recipes are added... :-(
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