2200 Rating Weapon Availability* Updated 2/22

55 Goblin Death Knight
Why are we getting lied to? The t2 armor has been available, but since they haven't been able to keep up with their deadlines, they're saying they meant the t2 armor is being put in, instead of the weapons...when originally the weapons were supposed to be put back in on 25th...gg...

At least have the decency to tell us that you didn't estimate the correct date for weapons being put bcak in...rather than saying you meant it was for armor all along...
85 Tauren Druid
This is disgusting.
85 Dwarf Shaman
Ive always felt that they devoted enough attention to the pvp side of the game. Now im not so sure.

I dont want to play a pve game.

This is clearly a PvE game...
85 Blood Elf Paladin
Very bad decision in my opinion, you already made us wait this long and now that we are here you prolong it more.
90 Undead Warlock
What 2200 gear is there besides the weapon...
Love getting screwed over because of PvE. When PvE gear is in arenas who cares, but god forbid a PvP item gets used in PvE.
23 Human Paladin
Don't worry as others have said. If people are having trouble with your raid content they would never even pass 2k rating in arenas. RBGs...well that's another story, but we already all knew that RBGs were going to come at the expense of arenas.
85 Goblin Death Knight
This is obvisiously a hatecrime.
85 Undead Warlock
Wonder if we'll get t2 weps before the end of the season....No idea when patch is, could be looking at another month before we get weps.

Might as well stop my subscription until they get released. I don't raid, so there's nothing else for me to do.
Edited by Dotmonster on 1/25/2011 11:06 AM PST
85 Night Elf Warrior
This is a special kind of retarded, im glad I turned a corner this expansion and decided to devote most of my time to pve anyway - the old "if you cant win, join em" expression and all. You normally don't expect blizzard to outright SAY that they put more emphasis / time on pve balance and content however. (even though its universally known)
85 Human Rogue
rofl ok
96 Orc Rogue
ok then what are you going to do about the guilds that DO have their t2 pve weapons huh? they can still jump in the arena and they will have a huge advantage over the majority
90 Human Warlock
oh so when PvE gives advantage to PvP its ok aka shadowmourne , and when its the other way around its not fine. k
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